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Some men like yellow-and-white metal wristwatches, others don't. I don't happen to care for them, but I recognize that this is just my personal preference. If the next fellow likes such watches, and chooses to wear one, I don't take that as an indication that he's wrong, just that his taste and mine differ on this point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an all gold wristwatch, but since you indicate you don't care for it, fine. (BTW, some will find it offensive that...
How do you feel about them? Why do you feel that way about them?
AE Veronas, maybe?
I, too, suspect that the shirt sleeve is fine, and the jacket sleeve slightly short. But it's really, really difficult to say anything for sure, based on a snapshot of one's arm stretched out away from the body. A picture of you standing naturally, with your arms at your sides, would make it much easier to judge these things.
Nothing necessarily wrong with a Seiko automatic.I would not describe them as being other superior to, or inferior to, the Kinetic. They're sufficiently different from the Kinetic that such a comparison would have little meaning, save in some specifically delineated area.Pictured below, a Seiko SNKL41 - a Seiko 5 automatic, available for under $100 - on a black leather strap. There are plenty of multi-thousand dollar wristwatches which don't do as well in various ways....
Not only do they not need to be an exact match, but very often it actually looks better when they don't precisely match. A picture would, of course, be helpful if you wanted a definite answer with regard to the specific combination in question.
Sell them or donate them to charity. Then buy a pair that fits.Life is too short to put up with the wrong sized shoes.
Maybe gathered up in back, where it can't be seen. Because the photographer/artistic director/marketing manager thought the shirt looked better when presented that way.
A nice outfit. I'd wear a navy sports jacket, light/medium grey pants, an ecru OCBD, and my red bow tie with the narrow yellow and blue stripes. And a pair of OTC argyle socks, with my Allen Edmonds Grayson tassel loafers, in oxblood.I'm not sure how much that helps you, but you asked.What color combinations would you like to wear? Why?You will likely get relatively little support for wearing a black sports jacket, here in the Classic Menswear forum.I know that I've never...
Also, true beauty is on the inside. It's not about what's on the outside. So carry around your x-rays, wherever you go.
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