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Might not a question about sneakers be more appropriate in the Streetwear & Denim forum? This is Classic Menswear.
Sounds to me like you've made a reasonable effort to find out how you're expected to dress.The outfit you've described wouldn't offend me, if it were my engagement party.Go ahead and wear it. And if you get to the party, and everybody else is wearing a suit (or is wearing jeans and t-shirt), simply act at ease and don't let it get to you. Appearing comfortable with your clothing choices is half the battle toward being well and appropriately dressed.
Quite possibly. You might even be over-dressed. But since you neglect to mention which city, which pub, or even which time of day, it's hard to know for sure. That we know nothing about the groom or anyone who will be in attendance, we've even less of a clue.If you're familiar with the establishment, you're better qualified than anyone else here to judge what's appropriate to wear to a party there. If you're not familiar with the establishment (or even if you are), you...
Why not ask Marty Glaser whom he'd recommend? After having been in the business for all that time, surely he has a good idea of whom the best amongst his former competitors might be.
It's uncommon for an expert in any field - economics, cosmology, firearms, film making, etc. - to regard any article about his field, which is published in the popular press, to be particularly accurate.I don't see why classic dressing would be any exception.
It's an evolution in the common use of the word "suiting." The English language does evolve, in the meanings and connotations of words, in idiom, in grammar, etc. For example, not many years ago, "Recommend me a tailor," would have immediately struck people as something which might have been asked by someone not fully fluent in the English language. (The proper form of the request being more along the lines of, "Recommend a tailor," or "Give me a recommendation to a...
It'd look better with a light blue shirt, rather than a dark navy shirt. I haven't even seen the dark navy shirt, and still I'm confident of this.
While Lincoln usually wore black pants, black footwear, black hats, and black coats, I suspect he wore them with a white shirt.I'm sure there's a record of what he was wearing when he was shot - and likely the clothes themselves are in a museum collection somewhere - so unless someone provides me with a url showing that Lincoln was wearing a black shirt to the theater that night, I'm going to assume his shirt was white.And that Brooks didn't have a black dress shirt to...
Not surely at all.Most people have one foot larger than the other. Sometimes the left is the larger. Sometimes the right.Even aside from overall size, the two feet needn't be mirror images of each other. They can vary dimensionally in all sorts of ways.And not only do feet tend to expand over the course of the day (which means your feet can measure larger if they're measured in late afternoon, than if they're measured in the morning), but one of your feet may expand more...
And you wonder why you're not more intimidating.
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