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Classic menswear - as opposed to "fashion" menswear - tends to age very slowly and gracefully. I have items (sportcoats, suits) in my closet from 20+ years ago, which I can wear without appearing in any way dated. The key is to avoid details which represent stylistic extremes, as these tend to be "in" for a relatively brief time, then look ridiculous. For example, Enormous lapels/extremely thin lapels, "trendy" colors/fabrics (so no lime green polyester leisure suits),...
I assume you're joking, since it's pretty well established that the gold sovereigns should go in the hidden storage compartment inside the heels of one's shoes.(Richard Reid has much for which to answer.)Diamonds, of course, can be carried inside one's belt.
The March 12, 2016, entry, at http://oxfordclothbuttondown.com/ - "True Confessions of a Trad: The Blunt Cut - addresses this very issue of making a four-in-hand knot work for one who is 5'8".
Not easy to say, given that I only saw one picture, and it was from the back. But I'm guessing you can get away with it. For one thing, many people don't really understand what constitutes good fit in a suit. For another, you're a college student going on an interview for an industrial placement. Sure, it'd be nice if you had a great suit that fit you perfectly, but most people cut college students a little more slack when it comes to suits than they would, say, a 45 year...
Maybe I am, but with regard to the question you raised in the very title of this thread, "Am I dressing too nice at the office???" I stand by my answer.
You know the office in question better than we do. You know the standards of dress there - explicit and implicit - better than we do. You know the attorneys there better than we do. You know what they're saying, and how they're saying it, and how they're behaving toward you, better than we do. In short, you are in a far better position to answer your questions, than we are. Not meaning to be unhelpful, but that's just the reality of it.
Around 1.75" is common. Some people prefer the look of 2" cuffs.Anything much under 1.5" will strike many as being too narrow. Significantly more than 2.25" may well seem excessively wide.Unless one has freakishly long or short legs (which you don't), using the above as a guideline should suffice. Pick some width which appeals to you, and never worry about it again. It's one of those clothing details to which one oughtn't devote too much concern. Sort of how there seems...
I wonder if the manufacturer of the malfunctioning hand sanitizer would cough up the price of a few pairs of cashmere socks, while we're at it.(I'm assuming the tragedy occurred in the United States. Our national sport is bringing suit.) (I'm in Maryland. Our state sport is jousting.)
Convince your employer that since he was responsible for the malfunctioning hand sanitizer, and your insanely expensive and virtually irreplaceable green shell boots with immense sentimental value have been utterly ruined, he should financially compensate you for your loss.Oh, and I believe that GOJO owns the rights to Purell. Deep pockets there.
I'm not sure what signifies freshness in this context, but whatever.That the photo of them was of them being worn by someone in blue jeans, without socks, pretty much caused me to have little interest in learning more about them. That's not how I dress, nor the look I prefer, nor one typically addressed on this, the Classic Menswear forum. (Maybe the shoes would get more love over in Streetwear & Denim.)If the shoes appeal to you, fine. Buy them, wear them, be happy with...
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