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You'd probably be better off buying two pairs of shoes - one which goes well with suits, and another which goes well with more casual clothing.I know you'd like to find one pair which goes well with everything. Unfortunately, you're much more likely to wind up with one pair which is a mediocre match for everything, and an excellent match for nothing. It's like buying a Swiss Army knife, because it gives you 47 tools in one. Sure, it's convenient and inexpensive, but none...
Given how inexpensive cedar shoe trees are (often around 10 bucks per pair, when on sale), why not just buy another pair of trees? Don't be like the guy who spends $50,000 on a new sports car, but is reluctant to drop more than $200 on a set of tires for it.
Look at pictures/videos of men who are generally deemed to dress well and who typically wear traditional/classic looking suits. Study how these men look in their suits.Eventually, you will develop an eye for properly fitting traditional/classic suits.It's as simple as that. And, of course, it will take some time and some thought on your part. Way more time than 2 hours of Q&A with a salesman. Sorry, that's just the reality of it. It's not as quick and easy as being handed...
They're certainly wider than the current fashion for what I consider to be unreasonably narrow lapels.Still and all, I don't think the sport coat in question looks all that bad. That it's somewhat dated stylistically is not an entirely bad thing. I'm meeting someone for dinner and drinks in a few hours, and if I had that sport coat hanging in my closet, I might wear it. (And the buttoning point wouldn't be an issue.)
That frustrating vagueness is really all you need to know. Probably 98% of the time, if a retailer is reluctant to make clear just where the goods come from, it's safe to assume their origin is more like Tunisia or Kazakhstan, than the United States or Italy. I mean, when a catalog (print or online) lists a clothing item as coming from the exotic, far off land of "Imported," I tend to figure it's from Shenzhen, and not from London, you know?Granted, some excellent quality...
Here's one example: http://www.dba-oracle.com/dress_code.htm
This.Given that he doesn't seem to care that he's carrying around his dreaded black canvas computer bag, how sure are you that he wants something nicer?A gift is supposed to be something which the recipient would appreciate. Yet it sounds like you - the giver - are the one who wants a nicer bag. The recipient sounds perfectly content with his current bag.Well, just a thought.
I've nothing against navy, but grey would be an equally acceptable choice. (I say this, despite the fact that I tend to look better in navy than in medium or dark grey.)As for black... look, the whole "Black suits are horrible" thing has been discussed so many times here on SF, that I can't see any point in going over it yet again. I will say that I wear suits most days, both for professional purposes, and for social occasions. And I have done so for decades.During this...
You do neither.Rather, you return the 10D, and see if maybe there's a 10EE available. Chances are, there won't be. (Simply because all too often, footwear is available in D width only.)But either way, life is too short to wear boots which "move around quite a bit" when worn. And much too short to put up with the discomfort and possible longer term problems arising from wearing boots which are painfully constrictive.
Very light blue or pink. It's rare that a boldly colored dress shirt will trump one with muted colors.
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