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Wear it if you like. In real life, nobody's likely to draw a distinction between your lilac/lavender pinpoint, and a lilac/lavender OCBD, worn with your jeans.Sure, some might say it's too formal. But some will insist that anything beyond a t-shirt or sweat shirt is too formal.As for whether it violates some traditional standard of dress... traditional standards of dress don't really concern themselves with jeans in the first place. So nothing much to worry about on that...
Over the past several years, more men have learned that dry cleaning (notably, excessive dry cleaning and/or poor or marginal quality dry cleaning) can be hard on a suit. That more people are aware of this fact is a good thing.Unfortunately, some fail to understand the problem in its appropriate context. Rather than turning away from overly frequent and/or poor quality dry cleaning of their suits, they have developed an unnecessary and exaggerated fear of any dry cleaning...
It's a thing. Sometimes even combined with that other thing - tucking the tail of the tie into one's pants.But in real life, I can't ever recall seeing a man wearing a tie and thinking to myself, "He'd look better if his tie's tail were hanging slightly lower than the blade."
Consider the Anderson-Little Classic Blue Blazer. It's within your budget, and should prove perfectly acceptable for fraternity and other college-type events where a blazer would be appropriate. It's not 100% wool. In purist terms, this makes it the most horrible thing ever to exist in the history of the universe. On the other hand, this does tend to leave it far more wrinkle-resistant than a 100% wool blazer would be, and that's no small plus, particularly for a college...
About as often as it is to wear your underwear over your pants.
Not if they're being sold by the government laboratory responsible for coming up with a genetically-engineered form of super ebola, spread by foot-to-foot contact.Otherwise, yes.
I did quite a bit of walking yesterday, in Washington, DC. I wasn't especially dressed up, but I was wearing a pair of wool pants and a sport coat.My shoes were Allen Edmonds Graysons. With thin gel insoles/inserts added, fwiw.I was comfortable enough. I've never really understood the mindset some men seem to have, that "dressy shoes" are inherently not terribly comfortable. But then, neither have I ever found that jeans are more comfortable than "dressy" pants.
As your question is about denim, you might be better off asking it in the Streetwear and Denim forum.
Because why settle for the smell of vintage clothing alone, when you can have the smell of vintage clothing combined with the smell of tea?
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