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Honest, I'm not trying to give you a hard time.But are you seriously asking whether once a suit is wrinkled, if it's ruined forever?
I'm a little confused.A dark blue suit isn't business casual. So why try pairing a business casual shoe with it?If you want shoes to wear mostly with a suit, then buy shoes which are highly compatible with a suit.If you also want shoes which can be worn when you're dressed more casually, then buy a second pair of shoes, more casual than the first.Ultimately, one is almost always far better off not buying "one pair does all" shoes. In the same sense that Shimmer may work...
Just tell yourself it's sprezzatura, and it won't bother you anymore.
As I'm not a Texan, I'm not really qualified to say what is and isn't acceptable there. But Texans has long taken some pride in doing various things the Texas way. Right. As you previously mentioned, button down collars are far more commonly encountered among suit-wearing American businessmen, than among their European counterparts.Overall though, I'd suggest that regional difference in businesswear norms have diminished over the past couple of generations. They haven't...
Yes, norms of dress can differ between regions, professions, ages, ethnicity, socio-economic class, etc. To give just one example, there are many places in the southern United States, where it would be entirely acceptable and unremarkable for a lawyer to show up in court wearing a seersucker suit. Yet in many places in the northern United States, showing up in seersucker would be a mistake which would haunt the poor fellow for years to come. Or worse. Just to minimize...
Your question might be more appropriately asked over in the Streetwear & Denim forum. This is Classic Menswear.
'Fraid not. I'm just barely aware of the existence of Balmain, and I rarely opt to wear jeans, so I'm just not your "go to" guy for this one. But why, exactly, do you doubt their authenticity? I mean, was the eBay seller notably shady? Do you think Balmain customer service was incompetent when you dealt with them? Something's got to be causing you to wonder, so I'm just curious what that something is.
I see that's where it is now. Maybe I made the mistake, in thinking it was in Classic. If so, my apologies.
Perhaps a more appropriate place for this thread would be in the Streetwear and Denim forum.
Depends.Do you already have the need for more "mainstream" sport coats taken care of? Do you live on a Caribbean island, or in Helsinki, Finland? Do you often wear sport coats? Do the color and the windowpane pattern flatter your complexion and your build?"Impractical" is difficult to determine in a vacuum. And you've chosen not to provide much in the way of background information.I don't generally care for sport coats with jeans. So, in my opinion, the jacket in question...
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