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http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2013/05/measuring-tailored-garments.html I'm sure there are also YouTube videos on how to measure suits.
More often, it's just the opposite. Although exceptions do exist, of course.I doubt whether there are all that many Brooks Bros. stores near you; why not simply pick up the phone, call them, and ask if they have what you want in the size you want? Seems a more sensible approach than asking us to speculate about your local store's selection of sizes.
Explain to her that unless she's suddenly decided to give you veto power over what her bridesmaids will be wearing, she doesn't get veto power over which neckties your groomsmen will be wearing.Fair is fair, after all.
I hear you. So, have you considered a silver Grenafaux, from The Tie Bar? Still $15.Not that the four you listed are horrible.
If the monogram's in a place where it'll only be seen by your housekeeper, so she knows which shirts belong to you, and which shirts belong to your son/brother/father, then fine. Get the monogram. Put it down low on the left shirt tail, or inside the collar, or someplace like that. Otherwise, I agree with you that a monogram on a shirt is cheesy. Although I suppose it's less cheesy to wear your initials, than to wear a designer's initials.
nomhak - I neglected to mention before, that those shirts have really wide spread collars. With collars like that, you might want to give some serious consideration to a knot a little more substantial than the four-in-hand shown. I admit, I'm not any great expert on such collars, as I don't generally care for them. They just don't flatter me, is all. But I do know that if I were to wear such a collar, I'd probably go for a half-windsor knot.
The second is less distasteful than the first, although even the second shirt is still darker than I prefer for a dress shirt. Dress shirts needn't be white, but the vast majority of the time, a pale colored dress shirt looks better than does a dark dress shirt. The former is... classic. The latter is... worn by mid-level lieutenants in Tony Soprono's crew, and the worst dressed of New Jersey's used car dealers. Not that one should stereotype, of course.I appreciate that...
I've noticed a recent increase in the frequency of questions along the lines of, "This is my white shirt. What suit and tie (and belt and socks and shoes and pocket square and underwear and wristwatch) go with it?"Tough to chalk it up to recent college grads worried about how to dress for their first "real" job interviews, since sometimes the questioner has a hundred or more posts to his credit, and has been a member here at SF for some time.It's strange, all right. But I...
Count me among those who vote against the pocket square.And sweet zombie Jebus, is there some law where you are making it a crime to iron your shirt? Because that thing's go more wrinkles than a litter of Shar Pei puppies.
Any of a fairly wide number of colors would work. Me, I'd probably go simple and put on a solid navy tie. I mean, no need to over-think this one.But what color tie do you want to wear?As in so many situations, the general answer is:If you ordinarily wear cufflinks, feel free to wear cufflinks. If you don't normally wear cufflinks, do not feel compelled to wear cufflinks.And as is the case maybe 99% of the time, if you choose to wear cufflinks, wear relatively small,...
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