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While I appreciate that one can find the occasional watch thread on SF, the fact is that SF really isn't specifically a watch place. I can't help but think that taking your question to a forum dedicated to wristwatch matters would make more sense than tackling it here, in this thread.A couple of obvious places would be the forums at watchuseek.com and timezone.com.
There are thousands of choices which would be perfectly acceptable.Still, if you truly need a suggestion, how about a pair of silver knots, like the ones pictured below? They're a bit nicer than the silk (or faux silk) knots which are a sort of default "casual cuff link" choice for many men, yet they're by no means ostentatious. (And nearly all the time, you're better off with subtle, low key cufflinks. "Attention-grabbing" ones are usually a mistake. Similar to the...
I own a leather duffel bag made by Floto. (It's the Venezia, in case anyone's wondering.) I'm very happy with it. While I've never actually owned a Floto leather briefcase, it would seem reasonable to think that they're of roughly comparable quality. They list for under $500, and places like briefcase.com normally sell them for 40% off list - meaning they can be had for $200-300. Probably at least worth a look. http://www.flotoimports.com/briefshop.htm
It's okay.How about a duffel coat?Brooks Brothers has a one which is mid-length, wool, navy blue, and suitable for casual wear. It'll set you back around $700. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Duffle-Coat/ML00281,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00281_Color=NAVY&contentpos=3&cgid=0222L.L. Bean's got a duffel coat of their own, also meeting your qualifications, for less than half the price of the Brooks offering, at...
That's so broad a question, it's virtually impossible to give a meaningful answer. Could you narrow it down a little, with reference to your preferences for length, material, style, degree of warmth preferred, etc.?Otherwise, it's like posting to a cooking forum with, "Any recommendations for some food to eat for dinner tonight? Preferably not chicken."
A whole lot of retailers sell the tie-and-matching-pocket-square sets. Seems to me, if a lot of them are being sold, a lot of people must like them. Sure, those people may be clueless high school kids, or wives who treat their husbands like dress up dolls, or whatever. But the fact remains that many stores carry them because many people do buy them (which equates to many people liking them).
There are those of us for whom "Thom Browne does that," is itself all the reason needed to choose something else.
It's one of those things which you might be able to make work, but I can't see any reason to try.I mean, it just sails too close to the less than ideal tie-with-matching-pocket-square-for-the-high-school-formal-dance thing for my taste. And given that there are easier, and to my mind superior alternatives...Of course, I would note that most people think the tie-with-matching-pocket-square look is wonderful. (SF is in no way representative of the population as a whole.)
My first choice would be A, then B, and finally C. But I wouldn't kick any of them out of my closet.My preference for A, over B, is sufficiently slight that I'd probably go for whichever of the two happened to be significantly lower priced. (Yeah, I'm a cheapskate.)All this assumes they all fit equally well, of course. (Which seems plausible, as they appear to be of a very similar/identical cut.)
As the saying I've noted previously in this thread goes, a businessman chooses his socks to match his pants; a gentleman chooses his socks to match his mood.
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