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J&J Alterations & Cleaning, on York Rd., in Lutherville (so a little north of Baltimore). I get most of my minor alterations done there, and can recommend them for that. They do a decent job on dry cleaning, too. Roughly 100% better than, say, nearby Zips. 'Course, saying a place does a better job than Zips is faint praise, indeed. But to be fair, Zips has inexpensive "in by 9, out by 5" service, while J&J requires a few days turnaround time.
Absolutely not.Try to match brown with brown. But worrying about getting a perfect match for each and every shade of brown is excessive and unnecessary.If you mostly wear lighter brown shoes, get a lighter brown belt. If you mostly wear darker brown shoes, get a darker brown belt.
Honestly, people will see you as short based on some comparison. If you're 5'5", and you're standing around 5'10" tall people, you'll be perceived as short. Whether or not your pants are cuffed. If you're 5'5", and you're standing around people who are 5' tall, you're going to be perceived as tall. Whether or not your pants are cuffed. Heck, if you're 6'3", but you're surrounded by NBA players, onlookers are going to think you're short. Seriously, many college and...
I've worn both, at various times over the past 20 years. I've found both to be of excellent optical quality, excellent "mechanical" quality, and very similar in terms of style, comfort, etc.But I believe you when you claim that your AO's were disappointing. I can't say that this has been my experience, but quality control is never a 100% thing, and maybe you just got the freakishly rare bad example. Like the Toyota Camry which was less reliable than the vintage Jaguar, or...
Randolph Engineering aviators are excellent - essentially equivalent to American Optical aviators. They do cost about twice as much as A.O., however.
I could be off the mark here, but is it possible that your experience is simply with mostly modern/slim/tailored fit trousers, and a more traditional, fuller cut would perhaps suit you better?
They make a nice suit.
True. And Luxxotica uses its market dominance in ways which make even Walmart seem warm and fuzzy, by comparison. (Semi- , but only semi.)Yet another reason why I'm glad I wear American Optical sunglasses (not part of the Luxxotica group). I figure if American Optical was good enough for pretty much all the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo era astronauts, they're good enough for me. Plus, I'm a bit of a cheapskate, and AO sunglasses cost less than Ray Bans.Below: Astronauts...
Many/most public libraries do. I suppose some might not.If your local public library has its catalog available online (as is common these days), go online to the catalog and find out.If your local public library does not have its catalog available online, I suppose you could call the library and ask the librarian if the library has any sewing books. Or you could even go in person and find out.Even if your local public library doesn't have any sewing books, it may be able...
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