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Honestly, people will see you as short based on some comparison. If you're 5'10", and you're standing around 5'4" tall people, you'll be perceived as tall. Whether or not your shirt is tucked in. If you're 5'10", and you're standing around people who are 6'4" tall, you're going to be perceived as short. Whether or not your shirt is tucked in. Heck, if you're 6'2", but you're surrounded by NBA players, onlookers are going to think you're short. Seriously, many college and...
It doesn't make you look short. You should wear a tucked in shirt.
Never buy anything the price of which leaves you unwilling to use it for its intended purpose.The people who never use the good china, because it's very expensive and using it could result in damage to it. The fellow who finally saves up enough money and buys himself the wristwatch he's always wanted, but who then refuses to wear it because it might then pick up some slight sign of use. The SF regular who's bespoke shoes are finally delivered to him, but who's appalled at...
Typically, I prefer not to wear a scent. Too many scents out there already, often applied rather too generously, and for those of us even slightly sensitive to scent it tends to be an unpleasant thing. But infrequently, I'll make an exception. Today is one of those days. I used a very modest amount of Pinaud Clubman after shave.
As a very general rule, to which there are many exceptions, I'd say that brown is the most versatile and appropriate color for a briefcase, in much the same way that a white is probably the most versatile and appropriate dress shirt color to wear with a suit.It's not always the best choice. But it's usually the safest choice. The least likely to be a truly bad choice.Like I say though, plenty of exceptions.Which color briefcase do you think is most versatile and...
lehmt, there's just nothing obviously special enough about the tie in question for me to tell you exactly where it's from. It could be from any of dozens of tie manufacturers. Given the overall look, and Hamm's connection with the tv series, "Mad Men," if I had to take a guess, I'd guess vintage 1960s Brooks Brothers. But it could just as easily be 21st century non-Brooks.
It's fine. You're a man in a cold weather jacket, not a ballerina in a leotard. A cold weather jacket isn't supposed to closely follow the contours of your body; a little air space and a touch of roominess can be genuinely good things.The jacket's clearly not way oversized for you. It looks like it fits you comfortably, but not sloppily. Please just leave it be.
Find an appraiser with experience in this area. I'm not familiar with Singapore, but you could likely find one through a major auction house (Christie's isn't the only one), or maybe an antiques operation, or perhaps a lawyer with experience in handling valuable estates could refer you to someone, or maybe even someone at a good bank could point you in the right direction. Then you could, I suppose, either sell it through an auction house, or on your own. Letting the...
It looks quite good, particularly if - like me - you prefer a more traditional fit, rather than a slimmer, more modern fit. Other than perhaps very slightly shortening the sleeves (an extremely simple and inexpensive alteration), I'd say you're good to go. I wouldn't tighten the waist. I don't care for how it looks with blue jeans, but that's a matter having nothing to do with the fit of the jacket.
And I guess the gist of my answer was that: without seeing the blazer on you, there's no way I can tell whether getting it tailored is anal, or perfectly reasonable.
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