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And the weight of the gold sovereigns in the heel permits one to employ a poison shoe spike with that much more authority.A nice reel-to-reel tape recorder can be hidden perfectly well inside a camera. Preferably, a quality, German-made TLR. Because anything smaller than 2 1/4" is just a miniature format.
Just wanted to reassure you that the 1" Beltmaster straps are perfectly fine. They'll look right. They'll fit your buckle. You'll have no cause to be unhappy with them.I'm wearing one right now, with a Tiffany engine-turned buckle.
I want to emphasize that cotton (or linen, wool, etc.) is absolutely the right way to go if the square's going to be folded. Only if the pocket square is to be stuffed into the pocket in a "puff" style (which is a perfectly valid choice in many situations, of course), is silk the correct choice.I sometimes see men wearing folded silk squares. Much of the time, the silk square - being thinner and less... grippy?... than a cotton square, will slip down into the pocket, or a...
I'll chime in that in the future, when posting a photo for advice, something a little higher in quality - and, above all, one where your hands aren't stuffed into your pockets - will make it easier for people to come up with good advice. Not trying to sound nasty about this, I hasten to add.
They're shoes. They're meant to be worn. If they get dirty, they can be cleaned.Definitely wear them at least a couple of times before the wedding. And not just in the house. Put them on and go about a normal day's routine with them. Walk on the sidewalk with them. Leave them on your feet for several hours at a time. In short, treat them like shoes, and not like Fabergé eggs. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be in pain, because of some shoe issue you never...
LA Guy nails the answer. I'll add that it holds even more true with regard to suits. I wear suits 5-6 days per week, for both professional wear and in social settings, and I have done so for decades. In all that time, I can't think of a single instance where I wished I were wearing a black suit, rather than a navy or grey one. And yes, that includes funerals. A black necktie can definitely be worth owning, though.
Go on eBay. Pick up a previously owned, but mint condition, 100% wool, Brooks Brothers navy blazer (preferably, not Brooks' "outlet" 346 line), for comfortably under $100. Hey, it's a wardrobe staple for a reason. And great blazers, in mint condition, routinely sell on the used market for pennies on the dollar. Unless you're frequently going to be using your blazer for a pillow, or stuffing it into a small carry-on bag, get 100% wool. (If you will frequently be using it...
Classic menswear - as opposed to "fashion" menswear - tends to age very slowly and gracefully. I have items (sportcoats, suits) in my closet from 20+ years ago, which I can wear without appearing in any way dated. The key is to avoid details which represent stylistic extremes, as these tend to be "in" for a relatively brief time, then look ridiculous. For example, Enormous lapels/extremely thin lapels, "trendy" colors/fabrics (so no lime green polyester leisure suits),...
I assume you're joking, since it's pretty well established that the gold sovereigns should go in the hidden storage compartment inside the heels of one's shoes.(Richard Reid has much for which to answer.)Diamonds, of course, can be carried inside one's belt.
The March 12, 2016, entry, at http://oxfordclothbuttondown.com/ - "True Confessions of a Trad: The Blunt Cut - addresses this very issue of making a four-in-hand knot work for one who is 5'8".
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