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This is somewhat difficult, as a classic dress belt is about 1" (25mm) in width. At most, it could maybe (maybe) stretch as wide as 1.25" (31mm). The belt in question is 35mm, and most of the dress belt buckles I'd otherwise suggest don't come in a large enough size to handle a 35mm wide belt.
If you want a colorful square to stuff into your pocket ("puff" fashion), silk is great. But it sounds - from the "keeping it in place" talk - like you want a square which can be folded, placed in the pocket, and not slip around. For that, you should go for linen, cotton, wool, etc. NOT silk. Silk is thin and slippery. Which isn't what you want. Whatever you do, don't go experimenting with tape, pins, or gadgets intended to hold your square in place. You'll be much...
I'm around your age, and take part in social occasions and dining opportunities which seem at least somewhat similar to the ones you mention. I'm not short, but that aside... To the extent there's a "go to" place where I'd shop if I didn't have much time, but were willing to spend some money, it'd likely be Brooks Brothers. Suits, sport coats, pants, shirts, ties, belts, etc., are all available there, and most suit me pretty well. I mean, in reality, I have a pretty...
Anile. Look, if you're having some ties run up, and have your choice of length, you could maybe go a little shorter than whatever length your current ties happen to be. Alternatively, you could consider opting for knots which take up a little more of the tie than your current knot. But basically, it's already fine. Or at least close enough to fine that you needn't fret over it.
Some do. Some don't. Of those men who do wear an undershirt, some wear one all or most of the time. Others, some of the time. Still others, infrequently.
You're a middle aged man, taking your date to a nice - maybe not extraordinary, but at least "nice" - restaurant. You want to impress. Don't wear jeans. Wear real pants.
It varies. Are you in Sierra Leone, or in San Francisco? Who's doing the work? Probably the best way to know what it'd cost you locally, would be to call or visit your local dry cleaners, and ask, "How much do you charge to take in the seat and crotch of a pair of jeans?" Have you tried that? If not, why not?
It's extremely versatile. The color is ideal.(Come on, people. estranged has been asking about shoes and more shoes, all the while practically begging us to tell him his latest choice is versatile and worth buying. He's bounced around from penny loafers to monkstraps to boots. Help put an end to the drama. Tell him that the shoe in question is unsurpassed in versatility, and he'd be utterly insane not to buy it and wear it brilliantly with everything from 3" running shorts...
James Bond is a fictional character, sort of like a cartoon superhero. Since most cartoon superheros run around in tights, maybe wearing their underwear over their clothes, not infrequently with a domino mask or a cowl as a fashion accessory, or a 4" wide belt, I'll allow as how Sean Connery's James Bond was among the better dressed of the lot.But while the clueless want to mimic James Bond, those who know better seek to emulate Ian Fleming.
Well then, since it's clear what you want to be told, and it's not like it'll cost me anything, I'll help you out.Those are super versatile boots. And they'll go perfectly with jeans!(Hey, I've told people - albeit, usually women - far greater fibs, for far less altruistic reasons.)
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