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Everything from 3-piece suits, to boxers and t-shirts.You have to specify which men and which home. Because what a 19 year old gas station attendant wore in his rented room in rural Alabama, could differ from what a 53 year old bank president wore in his Main Line house in suburban Philadelphia.The three piece suit was far more common then, than it is today. True. And wearing a hat was almost mandatory in most non-casual situations. Also in many casual situations. You can...
Wearing an Isaia coral pin is, to me, essentially the same as wearing an Isaia logo. I don't even like logos on my polo shirts. There's no way I'm going to wear a logo on my suit. If you have some great need to wear something red on your lapel, wear a boutonniere.
I wouldn't choose either look, but if for whatever faulty notion you may have you want to look flashy, I suppose the purple is the flashier necktie.
The in-shoe shoelace pouch. And I thought the briefcase case was ridiculous. I wonder if it'll come in a gift set, for Fathers Day. It could be packaged with a couple of handkerchiefs designed specifically for lefties, a bottle of pre-pre-shave lotion (to get your face ready for the pre-shave lotion), some ear hair conditioner, and a heated nail clipper.
Do bear in mind that many men will not have precisely the same measurements many years later, that they did at 17. (Before anyone feels compelled to say that he has precisely the same physique now as he did all those years ago, when he was 17, I never said it was impossible. Just that it's not something to be assumed.)Moreover, your tastes at age 17 may not remain unchanged for many years to come.Those things having been said, I don't hate the coat to which you referred....
Might not a question about sneakers be more appropriate in the Streetwear & Denim forum? This is Classic Menswear.
Sounds to me like you've made a reasonable effort to find out how you're expected to dress.The outfit you've described wouldn't offend me, if it were my engagement party.Go ahead and wear it. And if you get to the party, and everybody else is wearing a suit (or is wearing jeans and t-shirt), simply act at ease and don't let it get to you. Appearing comfortable with your clothing choices is half the battle toward being well and appropriately dressed.
Quite possibly. You might even be over-dressed. But since you neglect to mention which city, which pub, or even which time of day, it's hard to know for sure. That we know nothing about the groom or anyone who will be in attendance, we've even less of a clue.If you're familiar with the establishment, you're better qualified than anyone else here to judge what's appropriate to wear to a party there. If you're not familiar with the establishment (or even if you are), you...
Why not ask Marty Glaser whom he'd recommend? After having been in the business for all that time, surely he has a good idea of whom the best amongst his former competitors might be.
It's uncommon for an expert in any field - economics, cosmology, firearms, film making, etc. - to regard any article about his field, which is published in the popular press, to be particularly accurate.I don't see why classic dressing would be any exception.
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