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Here's one example: http://www.dba-oracle.com/dress_code.htm
This.Given that he doesn't seem to care that he's carrying around his dreaded black canvas computer bag, how sure are you that he wants something nicer?A gift is supposed to be something which the recipient would appreciate. Yet it sounds like you - the giver - are the one who wants a nicer bag. The recipient sounds perfectly content with his current bag.Well, just a thought.
I've nothing against navy, but grey would be an equally acceptable choice. (I say this, despite the fact that I tend to look better in navy than in medium or dark grey.)As for black... look, the whole "Black suits are horrible" thing has been discussed so many times here on SF, that I can't see any point in going over it yet again. I will say that I wear suits most days, both for professional purposes, and for social occasions. And I have done so for decades.During this...
You do neither.Rather, you return the 10D, and see if maybe there's a 10EE available. Chances are, there won't be. (Simply because all too often, footwear is available in D width only.)But either way, life is too short to wear boots which "move around quite a bit" when worn. And much too short to put up with the discomfort and possible longer term problems arising from wearing boots which are painfully constrictive.
Very light blue or pink. It's rare that a boldly colored dress shirt will trump one with muted colors.
You're entitled to your opinion, of course. Still, I probably wouldn't deem them to be high end or classy, so much as they seem to be a bid for attention - just the opposite of the sort of refinement I'd want in a pair of gloves.Admittedly, I'm sure there are many gloves which are far worse. Gloves with glitter or semi-precious stones or purple gloves with feathers or what have you. The gloves you're talking about sort of say "Look at me," but I acknowledge that they don't...
How about you start by telling us what your opinion on them is, and why? Since you're asking about them, you must have some sort of opinion of them. Let's hear it.
Well, one obvious difference between brown and grey (they're not black; they're grey) lenses, is that grey lenses do not distort colors (which is why a neutral density filter is grey), they just reduce brightness. Brown lenses, on the other hand, do distort colors. Of course, some people may believe that the color distortion is beneficial, and can provide valuable contrast in certain conditions, which explains some of the popularity of amber sunglass lenses. (Yellow/amber...
It's not like Sperry Topsiders are some rare, exotic footwear, such that if you don't hold onto these you'll likely never come across another example of Sperry Topsiders ever again.So return them, and if you want a pair of Topsiders, buy a pair in your size. Life is too short to put up with the wrong size shoes.
Sorry, FlyingMonkey. If the OP had only a handful of posts to his credit and had joined in Nov. or Dec. 2014, I'd have assumed troll. But when I saw that he had more than 6 dozen posts to his credit, and had been around for several months, I figured he had to be legit, or he'd have long since been banned.
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