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Leather, canvas, nylon, other? Wheels, no wheels? Available in store (where?) or online only? And etc."Decent" just isn't as specific as one might like.
It depends on (a) the paisley tie; and (b) the norms of the office in question.In general (exceptions always exist), paisley ties tend to be less formal and more... playful, both in terms of design and color... than are most ties. They're not usually what I'd think of as serious businesswear neckties.But like I say, exceptions exist. Show me the paisley tie, and I'll tell you what I think. And some offices can have such a conservative dress code (either explicit, or simply...
Not to hijack your thread, but what's a "suit blazer?"I know what a suit is. I know what a blazer is. I even know what a suit jacket is (orphan or otherwise). But "suit blazer" confuses me.
No, one couldn't tell you were short, simply because there was nothing in the picture against which your height could be judged. The length of your jacket really had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Six. (This is also exactly how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. Twice.One single-breasted with brass buttons.One single-breasted with pewter buttons.One double-breasted with brass buttons, but you never wear it because you dislike double-breasted jackets and think that they're currently out-of-fashion anyway.One single-breasted with enamel buttons displaying your college crest, which you purchased from the Alumni Association, which...
The first picture suggests it might just possibly be a sport coat, but then picture #2 practically screams "ORPHAN SUIT COAT!."Since most people would presumably look at it from a distance more like that of picture #2...But honestly, most people in the real world (as opposed to the World of StyleForum) would neither know, nor care - and that's even before the buttons get changed out with leather ones or something. Heck, plenty of times a man will wear an actual sport coat...
And remove the plastic slip covers from your living room furniture. Even if the salesmen at the furniture store warn you that doing so means the sofa may not retain its pristine newness forever. Oh, and it's okay to drive your car in the rain. To walk on pavement with your new shoes. And to buckle your leather wristwatch strap, even though doing so means it will bear signs of having been worn.
You mean like the shirts shown at http://www.dillards.com/product/Polo-Ralph-Lauren-ClassicFit-Striped-ButtonDownCollar-Dress-Shirt_301_-1_301_501208149? Because if you click on "Size" drop-down, it lists a variety of collar and sleeve sizes.'Course, Ralph Lauren might have other lines of buttondown shirts, and maybe the collar-to-sleeve sizing scheme varies between lines. I don't know.Contact Ralph Lauren customer assistance. If they promptly and cheerfully answer your...
Brooks Brothers has three-piece suits in a variety of fits, styles, and materials. Most within your price range.
In theory, perhaps.But in practice, the lengthening effect will tend to be of precious little real world significance.Don't worry about it.
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