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I would love to see you guys at the opening let me take a chance to clear up a few things -I don't post here anymore because it is very difficult to find enough guys to shoot for both site. - the comments section is very difficult for me, i would like a lively discussion but too many people seem to have forgotten how to politely criticize. These are real people with real feelings, I asked them to take the photo not the other way around so I feel they deserve...
I'm glad you guys are seeing some of the shots I have been taking in Milan and at Pitti. The gentleman is Carlo Montanaro and he is a Director for Rizzoli Publishing, told me it the suit was made for him by the Loro Piana family which probably means MTM but for VIP's like him they may very well add a few extra quality details. I'm am working on a few photos from an Attolini appt that will go up on Thurs or Friday. You guys may like them and the shots I'm working on...
I would love to see Style Forum members at the event!! I will be taking questions form the audience and selecting questions that have been emailed to my blog before the event so if you guys ever had anything you wanted to ask Jean-Claude just let me know. Did you guys see my page in October GQ? I thought the readers of the forums might like to see Borrelli get a little play in American GQ!
thanks guys I think you will be very happy with who i shot for the first issue and his interesting style quirk I noticed - I wonder if it will catch on I give GQ real credit with being so supportive with my ideas, I think I can add a new element that at the same time will fit very nicely with the great work they are already doing
I'm working on something that will get more Milan and Paris photos soon
thanks guys
I shot Collette also, look at the Friday archive sorry i don't type French very good I'll correct that mens will start on my site again in the next day or so - I have a shot of a very lovely French girl going up today.
I have been shooting for for the last week in Milan and Paris and recently did a post on Arny's of Paris I thought you guys might like it you can check it out at and dont forget to check my work on the women of paris and Milan at The Sartorialist
I posted a few photos from the Bruce Boyer "Rebel Style" book signing at Jay Kos last night on The Sartorialist
more at The Sartorialist
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