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I do that all the time, but then I know how to tailor.
He might fit into 2XL sizes with alterations.
I have a pair of cream silk slacks that I have worn with a cream sweater and carmel color suede jacket. I get lots of compliments on this outfit.
Those palm trees along tops of hills look like upside down ball fringe -
I have a nifty little leather pouch that folds open with two metal hinges at the top, and it snaps shut. Does anybody remember these devices? I got it at a flea market last summer ($4). It's great for when I'm wearing sweats.
You have to wash it when it smells.
Why hate the library?
Oster is very good. I got a Wahl a few years ago for about $40.00 and the clipper heads were about another $5. It still works well.
Bluing helps get rid of yellow too.
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