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Just got a Seiko SKX007 and I'm really happy with it so far, it looks and feels like a much more expensive watch and keeps good time. I was originally going to buy a Laco B-uhr but reading the posts of a Seiko geek on a local forum got me hooked. I'll get a flieger type watch for my next one though. The picture is from the lab so labcoat/nitril glove combo.
Depends entirely on the type of girls you're into. I never shave anything - never had a complaint, but I know some girls prefer the shaved/waxed look.
She basically told him to come over and fuck, why should he stop contacting her? Unless he acts completely foolish when he comes over, there will most certainly be made love.
Don't try to do this, you'll almost always end up looking bitter and she will lose respect for you. Just tell her the truth and be nice about it, it'll give you the upper hand in the long run.
Does someone have an opinion on Petroleo Brasileiro (NYSE:PBR)? I think it looks pretty cheap right now.
Ummm what receding hair line? I think it looks good either way...
Don't worry about it, no girls care. Got my first one this spring (I'm 25)... It was actually a 19 year old girl who found it, and I think I would've cried if she hadn't been there. She didn't mind at all, and neither do any other girls I've talked to about it, so I stopped caring. I just appreciate every year that I still have my hair, some of my friends are getting bald patches and that shit sucks... Of course propecia is an option, but I don't want to risk my boner so I...
No problem, thanks to the 6 months of waiting for the test, I know quite a lot about herpes... I actually came out clean, turns out penicillin can give similar symptoms (I was travelling so couldn't get it looked at and had shagged a girl who had the virus a few weeks earlier).
It's pretty hard to get HSV-2 orally, it's usually the other way around.. It doesn't sound like the herp though, it's probably HPV - a wart - and those are hard to get orally as well so don't worry. You should tell her though, for her own sake. She could infect others and more importantly, untreated HPV in women causes cervical cancer, so she should definitely get it checked out. Don't worry about her reaction, if you don't freak out about she probably won't either, just...
That post reminded me of the morning routine chapter of American Psycho I use Nancy Boy for everything, except deodorant - I just use a neutral, drug store brand since I prefer one without smell anyways. I find that NB's stuff is high quality, lasts long and is usually not full of toxic crap. Especially the night cream and shampoo are good.
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