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thanks @M635Guy and @KPDarb for the tips didn't realize just how low maintenance CXL was. i'll just buy a tin of the Saphir stuff and use it every couple of months along with the daily upkeep.
anyone here try Shojin in Culver City or DTLA? sister is a graduating vegan and she loved sushi before turning to the dark side. thinking whether if this is worth it or if i'll just treat her to Gracias Madre/Crossroads for brunch.
hey guys, i just bought a pair of horween chromexcel Innsbruck Indys from Epaulet. boot is great; loving the commando soles, the quality and smell of the leather, and just the overall look of it. what's the best way to care for brown horween chromexcel? aside from cleaning after every wear and applying leather defender for harsh conditions, i'm a bit clueless as to what to use for primary care and conditioning. i've read tons of many responses ranging from mink oil to...
Awesome. I guess I skimmed over it since it wasn't his typical patio shot.
I stopped lurking for a while and was glad to stumble on this thread. One fit I feel that should be in here is Synthese's Megaman jacket. Anyone still have that?
Someone showed them ToJ in a thread over there.
not that i'm particularly a pacers fan but the refs fucked up that last quarter. hibbert's offensive "foul" on joakim noah and boozer leaving foster's body on the ground for a rebound. just horrible officiating.
not really pertaining to clothes but it still relates to shopping in LA anybody know where i can buy some shepheard's hotel cigarettes? i'm guessing there must be a store or two in the area that sells imported cigs. they're from germany.
Quote: Originally Posted by scourage was it the wash or the dryer that did it. I have no problem hang drying. the only place I see that has a full supply of colors/sizes available is orvis- but they seem to have taken the liberty of charging 4$ more a piece. Not much but annoying when everyone else charges the same. was the wash
I bought 2 shirts last year and they shrunk so much. It's like wearing belly shirts. $80 down the drain.
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