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Shipping and PayPal included for North America 1. BNWT Vest (sz 40 or medium) - asking $50 - beautiful vest - BNWT - too big for me - Retailed for over $250 2. BNWT black skinny jeans (sz 31) - asking $50 - more slim fit as opposed to skinny - rbx 22 cut - too many black jeans so unloading this one 3. BNWT orange skinny jeans (sz 32) - asking $50 - same cut as black pair - too large for me
Hello everyone! Clearing out a few BoO shirts that didn't work out for me. - Shipping is included within North America - please add 4% for PayPal or use gift - all items shipped from Canada - multiple items get discount 1. BNWT Bright blue OCBD (sz 2 or Small) - $75usd now $70 - typical slim fitting boo oxford with the flattering cut we all love - only tried on at home - I love this shirt but gf is exercising her veto powers and won't let me wear it (your mileage may...
Brand new with tags, from their last collaboration. Dark/midnight blue. Brilliant cut to the jacket, has contrast stitch seams, breast and front pockets and 2 inner pockets. Matching trousers in a slim cut. 100% wool. Suite jacket is a 40r and pants are a sz 34. Cut slim. Shipping included within Canada. Please add $10 for US and PM for other countries. Please add 4% for PayPal fees. Will happily trade for a 36/38 jacket as well Price dropped from $300 to $225! BNWT.
Bump Will also trade for a sz 48/46
Bump. Final price drop before it hits ebay! $225. This is now 85% off!
Brand new with tags. Retailed for over $400. Size 43/10 Free shipping within Canada. Please add $15 for US. Extra $10 if you want box. Please add 4% for PayPal fees as well http://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/item10478708.aspx?gclid=COD49JHm-L8CFQszaQodnB0AHA&country=36
Bump! Sacrifice at $490 shipped (within north america)
Gitman sold! Will do BoO and R&B for $70 combo deal!
Hello all! Wanted to clear a few items quickly from my wardrobe to make some space. Looking for $40 USD OBO for each item (plus shipping and paypal fees). Take all 3 for $120 shipped (I'll eat the paypal fees too) 1. Band of Outsiders Black Oxford (Large) - quintessential BoO fit - well worn (would rate a 7-8/10) but no stains, rips etc. Freshly laundered and awaiting new owner. Has seen about 10 to 15 washes. - Color is black, sorry for crappy photos. - Selling because...
I have had tonnes of interest but no one has pulled the trigger. Another price drop to $325 Dirt Cheap for a BNWT Geller Leather. Come on people!
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