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final price drop
Decided to sell again, still BNWT. Asking $475 USD Shipped! (please add 4% for paypal)
Taking offers
Price dropped to $150 shipped!
- All prices in USD - Shipping within Canada included - Please add $15 for Shipping to US - Please add 4% for paypal or mark as Gift 1. Hugo Boss Red Label Suit (sz 40/50) - $299 --> $270--> $250 for a BNWT Red label suit! - BNWT, Retailed for $895, paid $675 and has been sitting in closet. Lost too much weight so it doesn't fit. - Beautiful color and pattern with a modern slim fit cut. 100% Virgin Wool - Red label fits on the slimmer side so this should work for someone...
Price drop to $395! Shipping within NA now includes. Please add 4% for paypal
- Navy Perforated leather, retailed for over $1100. Asking $420 --> NOW $365! - size 44 - Shipping within North America Included. Please add 4% for paypal fees if not marked as Gift. - Extra $20 for Box (it is a big box) - Was lusting for these for a while; when I got them I never wore them and they've been sitting in my closet for a year. Hopefully someone else can put these beauties to good use. - these sneakers:...
BNWT Great jeans with a beautiful wax effect, doesn't really go with my wardrobe. Never worn, only tried on once. Retailed for over $600. Price includes shipping + paypal fees withing North America. $180 >> $150 Jeans will be shipped from Canada.
Taking offers on remaining shirts
Black friday price drop Brand new geller leather for 300. Buy this now!!!
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