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it has something to do with imagination
she was wearing them low. The latjo lajban vintage is not bad, except for the cinch. The denim is quite thick. The new denim they use in the LLV and regular cut is much better than the old they used in the tight model. need to get a pair of the indigo cords btw.
saw a girl with eiffels yesterday, looked cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Max Waiting in line to get int H&M? That's crazy! yeah, if you're gonna stand in line you should at least pay $500 for that tee.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD yea Im enjoying the amount of pictures after the recent exodus. carl, that is by far, IMO, the best look I've seen on you. really looking good. jacket - rag&bone shirt - KCR college radio bandana - 45rpm pants - syouaiya crazy bandana.. dang! mind saying how much they cost?
watch out for their silk/cashmere sweaters, they smell really weird and I think it doesn't go away either. I'm going to try returning my cardigan.
no, that's just the color changing, no denim is wearing out.
there is no way that anyone can ever tell you what size to get. They shrink to tagged size, after that you can figure it out for yourself.
I don't know if you want opinions or not, but I don't think those look good at all. Not everything 45rpm makes is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metal Circus New kicks: APC and Costume National. The sneakers are a mess from work. I work in a lab and stuff splashes around sometimes. Verrry nice boots. Is it possible to order them online you think?
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