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Wow, the brown Bedford or was it Norfolk is awesome, I mean the one with different colors like green and red in it. The prices are a bit ridiculous though. It is a must-have that I can't have.
There is a reason why I said the D2 specifically from Julian Red. The denim is Japanese Japanese, not budget-Japanese like Nudie etc. Very nice.
nice jacket kallun, where can I get one like it?
Julian Red D2.
sorry ninjapie, those don't look good on you, it has to be said. there is nothing inherently good about tight jeans, just return these and buy a normal slim cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flame Nudies are okay in my book. Not exactly cutting edge, but they make decent denim. Just remember that you shouldn't fork more than $150 for them, yes even the selvage model. (A lot of stores have the RRDS for $130-140 on sale I believe). yes you should.
Nice Nashvilles. How long have you worn them?
wow, this board is even worse than superfuture in all possible ways. apparently this board is more about being a nerd and writing "funny" things, than actually discussing clothing. good job, moderators! funny how there is a superfuture-thread when this is almost a parody of itself.
these threads are so boring, you think the jeans are ugly, OKAY, enough already. they aren't supposed to even look good, they're just a novelty thing and purposely taking a trend too far. they dont look good on the first girl because the jeans are not well made and cut, the jeans on the second girl look better. this circle jerk about how ugly these jeans are is just so boring, so old, never was fun or interesting ever. and to think this is a fashion board.. try not being...
or try Ironhearts, they fade slower. just size them differently.
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