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Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo I finally got to check out EG irl this weekend, and must say im somewhat dissapointed! The fabric of the bedford wool jackets felt very light, loosly woven and flimsey.. nothing that would work for winter wear imo. The binocular shirt on the other hand was great, heavy weight rough cotton. Really curious of how its made to get that texture. Is EGs quality really all its been said to be?...
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Yes! The small is still available @ $450.00 w/ free shipping in the USA and I'll split the cost on International. Come an get it, it's friggin wait'n for ya. And Fok is wrong on one point, Daiki Suzuki is the godfather of this line. I'm only the messenger. Do you mean that you have the brown Bedford in S? Can you put it away for me for a few days, I'm waiting to hear if it's still stocked somewhere in...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Your jeans fit great but the shirt and especially the shoes need to go. I think you need to do a little EG/45rpm/Post Overalls shopping, to match the jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart ^^^ you're in sweden right? You found that was warm enough with a sweater underneath for Nordic winter? Yup. You'll be fine I think, it all depends on what the jacket is lined with, waxed cotton itself has no problem with winter temperatures.
I have a black Whyred trenchcoat from 2005 that is waxed cotton and lined, used it all of that winter.
Thanks everyone for the help! I'm a little crazy about the Bedford. I think an S would be fine too if I tailor the sleeves. However, the 170cm guy at Explorer consistently wear XS in EG: Fits him very well in my opinion. This is hard!!
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report I'm around 5'6" and 140 lbs. You look great in the Norfolk but I wonder if you did the conversion right? How tall and heavy are you in the metric system? Do you have the Bedford in S or XS and for how much? Is the Norfolk and Bedford sized differently?
Quote: Originally Posted by kert page 49 of this thread. Thanks, and sorry. Wow, this is hard. The shoulders look fine, but the arms are a little big in my opinion. And then theres this guy, 168cm, size S hmm, anothergreenworld said this is a different version of the Bedford, with longer sleeves, is that correct?
Quote: Originally Posted by kert i'm not poly but i think my frame is similar to his. i'm 5'7"(145 lbs) and i fit a small. i think xs would be too tight on me. i still have a little room for layering. I'm 5'7 and 140-145 and from the measurements it seems the xs would fit me, but perhaps the Bedford is thicker than the thin jackets I measured and thus smaller. Do you have any pictures of you wearing your jacket(if you have one)? What do...
poly, how does the Bedford in S fit you? Do you think you could/should take an XS or is S the right size for you? I'm about to buy a Bedford!!
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