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Top notch quality i'd say. lower prices and better designs than eg if you ask me. the sizes are quite large though.
I have steamed it now and can pretty much conclude that it is badly sewn. The affected sleeve also has some "pulling" coming from the shoulder seam, there are some creases running down the sleeve, almost like whiskers. Or maybe something happened to the fabric, it's a little wavy in that area. I'm going to steam it again and then wear it for a day and see what happens. I'll take pictures some day. It would be great if some canuck could find out about NA, I have already...
I received the Bedford in brown, S which is the right size for me, so thanks everyone who helped me with this. All in all I am very happy with it, but there are a few issues with it. First of all the shoulderseam is a bit wobbly on one shoulder, so the shoulder is a bit puffy. I'm steaming it right now and hope that it will be resolved afterwards. Second, the sleeves are not that great. I understand the look that they are going for, but I think that they failed in...
I've been through most pages of this thread but found no mention of the Simpson boot. Has anyone got information about or experience with them?
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock that's really just opinion then? i know what you're getting at though, it certainly pretty obvious who's getting payola'd over at SF I don't know if he gets paid but cheep hypes his Evisus which are shit, I've seen Deus's and the denim is really crap compared to my SDA, colorless. Also the 660 Warehouse are no better than any other Japanese jeans. Then theres the Self Edge thread that makes me...
btw Bobo, stop by Weekday Götgatan next time you're in Stockholm!
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper Anyone ever wonder if any brands have any sort of viral marketing campaign afoot on this forum? Or other forums? I wonder just how many industry people are hyping brands at honestforum, SF, sufu, hypebeast, purseblog, etcetera., Would be a great place to do it; talk up a brand and build hype, hire some of our regular posters/moderators to do it, and before you know it, groupthink will lead to massive sales! I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Garage/Surf Rock Well, the leather is by the Horween Leather company in Chicago, and they are Goodyear welted, which suggests to me that even the components are US made. If anything for the boots is imported, it would be some small nominal parts that wouldn't matter a whole lot whether made outside the US. Why would it matter at all if it's made outside of the US? Ridiculous.
Thanks for letting me know. So, does anyone know if the Norfolk and Bedford are sized differently? I tried on the blue Norfolk in S today and it was too small! Chest area looked like a sausage and the shoulderseams were way up my shoulders. It was almost like it was sewn wrong. The wool vest fit pretty well though.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo ^^Nitty gritty. Quite pricey. Bedford is around 4000sek or so I think. sweet! do you know if they had an S?
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