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Quote: Originally Posted by the etruscan I won't cite a source, so feel free to ignore me here, but: This statement (cut from the ESEF letter) is a blatant lie. It's not a sorta-kinda-iffy-statement, it's completely false. For IH money, using inferior denim, they could at least chainstitch the hems. What's your source? Someone who sells Ironheart?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked ^ Dude, easy. That post is my opinion and my opinion only, hence the "sounds like" part. I'm not an authority on this subject and don't claim to be one. And beside from the high-sounding talk and random ad hominem, could you please offer some insight on jeans and retail? re: their marketing strategy, did you forget all the viral marketing here and on sufu? It's undoubtedly nice for customers to buy high quality jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by Renault78law My sister is going to Kyoto in a couple of days, and I'm going to ask her to bring me back some denim. I found this thread, which was helpful, and contained this link. Sufu is down, btw. I was thinking of getting something from Denime. I'm tall and athletic, looking for something raw with a relaxed fit. My favorite jeans are 5EP straight downs. If I could change anything, I'd decrease the rise on the 5EPs by...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Sounds like some theories the guy made up on the spot. I agree with A Harris, their pricing scheme seems rather shady. Wow, sometimes Styleforum is worse than superfuture. What do you even know about jeans and retail? I don't even need to ask because it evident from what you just said. Bunch of know-it-alls is what you are. Don't come calling anyone shady when you're dumb as a rock yourself and have no...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Probably they just bought as many jeans as they had pre-orders for, and the $285 price is just made up or it reflects the cost of ordering a single pair from Japan. what's so hard to understand, they gave you guys the jeans at cost as a promotion. the above theory is
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill the DJ Pre-order was around 120. They are now 285. I asked if anyone could figure out how they justify the price on SuFu, not for cost of creation but for a pretty unestablished business but didn't get a clear answer. are you buying shares? or maybe you mean that you want technical support for your jeans and are doubtful whether this unestablished company can provide it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo You tell 'im! Who is Rye to think he knows anything about the clothing manufacturing and marketing biz?? Pfft. Who're you to tell me I don't? If you've got nothing of your own to add, stay out. As I stated in my post it wasn't even directed at Rye, but at those who're complaining that the jeans aren't made in Japan or USA when they're $300.
I dig this brand. I would like to buy like 5 pairs of pants, one or two shirts and the overall jacket, but unfortunately I have to save my money for later.
First APC collection I like in a long time. Well, I like it a little bit, at least, and am not bored out of my mind looking at it. And yeah, APC's shoes are ridiculously priced, and I believe its the same with all fashion brands. I saw a pair of the APC suede chukkas from fw07 on which the leather had just ripped, not the seam, but the actual leather, from stress.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Price is probably dictated by low units produced Definitely not. Max Cash for example has been made for years and in large volumes. Shipping, middleman, taxes, weak dollar, demand, high-fashion ambitions => $315. And a word in general about manufacturing locations, not directed at you specifically. If you need to look at the inside tag that states where the product is manufactured to determine the quality...
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