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Quote: Originally Posted by robin Bull denim is a soft yet strong type of denim that takes dyes well. There's a nice ribbed/twill texture to it as well. Edit: Here's a swatch example I found of bull denim. It should give an idea of the fabric, but it probably won't be the same as I think this one is for upholstery. as far as I know, bull denim is simply denim dyed with colors other than indigo. green, blue, yellow denim would be 'bull...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I like this... Personally I think the vest is completely malplacé and cutwise doesnt match the pants which lack about an inch in the front rise.
you mean fw 2008? #9 is so bad. BOO IS MUTILATED AMERICAN CASUAL
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido I can by just looking at your pictures tell that you think that you are so important that you have to use bold in all of your posts so no one will miss them, and when I read them, it is confirmed.
Anyone know if the Bedford will be available in the "green" or "brown" again, the one with the speckles of colors like orange, purple etc?
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Regarding EG price/quality ratio: I took a closer look at the fishing vest today, and wonder what we are supposed to pay a premium for? Both the model and materials used are really basic, and something one could get from Cabelas for 15 bucks instead of 150 or so for the EG version. Some of the f/w was great quality wice, while some seemed really flimsy, and I get the same impression of the s/s. Some pieces...
Quote: Originally Posted by the etruscan I said you should feel free to ignore me. Do you want me to be proud of you or something? No, I wanted to emphasize my ignoring you. Why do you even care to post such a statement when you have no source for it, that's just plain bad-mouthing. I don't particularly believe that Esef has better(or worse) denim, I don't care at all for the product. What I do care about is the unjust Esef onslaught. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by the etruscan sigh My point is that I will certainly ignore you as your statement is as biased/trustworthy as Esef's.
Designer bucks = wack if you ask me. They should be less than $100 and most definitely must have the red rubber sole. I have one dirty-white pair and on pair that I would describe as pink peach. I'm now looking for grey and brown. Let me know if you've seen any in a size 8.
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