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I used to prefer Japanese brands over LVC but now I almost prefer LVC. Some years of the EU/US LVC range have so-so denim, though, but some are great. The jp LVC line is really good for most parts.
I guess I have a lot of clothes too, but of the stuff I bought the last two years I wear almost all of it. I like having a lot of options and don't want to wear the same garment two days in a row, if it wasn't for these jeans contests..
[quote=agfachrome25;1541064] Quote: Originally Posted by robin ^ Ah cool, I did not know you posted here lesli. Hey! This is a shopping cause dear to me and my blog! I'm very excited about the new line of Engineered Garments for women--especially if EG offers "miniaturized" versions of their current styles (especially the jackets/blazers) rather than overly feminized ("spinooff") designs. I'm also hoping they will not be swapping out their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I've never understood this. If you're hot rolling your pants up 2 inches makes no difference. Please don't pretend this is practical unless you're river wading. I bet there's a lot of things you don't understand. Not a valid point for critique.
this thread must be so embarrasing for kmw.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo may the force be with you (geek concept). Im off to a party in a old underground bomb shelter. where?
Quote: Originally Posted by tokyodandy Is wearing a shirt untucked more of a US thing or an "under 30" thing or what? I'm confused! My office is formal except on Fridays so on that day I wear jeans and a casual shirt, either tucked or untucked. Last week I wore a short-ish shirt, untucked with jeans and boots. Yesterday I wore a short-ish white shirt (casual, some fancy lining on the collar and cuffs) I had made for me, but decided to wear it tucked in...
I think most of the Engineered Garments etc is ridiculous. Why not buy the original for one tenth the price? its all on ebay, or tokyo if you happen to be here.
I wear the bedford with a denim jacket underneath. works alright for winter but not for -30*C of course.
going to weekday and sagalova, maybe something else. u?
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