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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I got that information from APC (just called the customer service number), so I assume that that info in pretty legit. cool, my estimate was 13oz, time to re-calibrate then. Flame, get them then. My opinion is only valid if you're going to break them in.
Are you sure that APCs are 12oz or is that your or someone else's estimate? I'm just curious since I have never seen anyone state the heaviness before, other than estimates, and I would like to know for sure!
yeah the washes are horrible. what I mean is that if you are going to buy a pair of raw jeans to break in for like 6 months I would get something better, this doesn't seem like the thickest denim or like they have really good color. All raw jeans will fade of course and I'm not saying these are bad, but when I choose a pair to break in I look at 1. Color 2. heaviness 3. cut so, I'm not saying these are bad, just that they are not the optimal choice for a pair...
look pretty good I suppose, but I wouldn't get them to try to wear them in.
ohhhhhh those 1177's look sooo good, much better than my 103's I have to say. I think they're sold out everywhere though :/ that pic of the 811s is probably from the j-e-a-n-s.net community gallery, at least I've seen them there before.
pics of your d1177's PLEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!??!?! where did you get them from, which rakuten store? a large selection of samurais: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/d-stock/540681/
here are some better pics of SD 100s worn in. I bought them a lot because of these pics, I wouldn't have bought them If I had only seen the pics on SD's own site. What you need to do first is decide what cut you want.
I hate 6876 so much now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I'm glad they're coming out well Ahaz. Do you guys not notice the denim rippling on the back, and the creases in the front? Neither of these things appear on completely unwashed jeans. They may have undergone just the slightest rinse, but I assure you that if they were completely raw, those ripples and creases would not exist. The creases on the front are there because the denim wasn't completely flat...
I would definitely say those are raw, because of how flat and not wrinkly the denim is and because of how the leather patch looks. I have no doubt at all that those are raw in your pics. They will only shrink unnoticably more after a second wash, unless you washed them cold the first time and then wash them warm. Most Japanese brands are supposed to be washed in 40*C. Weird about the inseam though, rakuten stores say they shrink to 86cm(33.9"). Are you sure you're...
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