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why are the fabrics almost always so lacking? thin and flat with no texture or depth. Never matches the patterns or the aesthetic of the brand. I guess its fashion after all.
1955 or the 60s model perhaps. the earlier ones are much fuller cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by sayocean hey HJJ! Just saw your post on sufu about the new LVC collection, thanks for the info! I had quick question do you know if Levis will still have the 67 505 cut this season in deadstock? yup they do!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T According to Cinch, their specialist store in London, they're unacnnily close; the mass-market version has a slightly lower rise. yeah, the new 501 is made after the 1947 501. the hips are straighter and I guess the rise might be a tad lower, dont really remember. its nice and the washes are good for the price. btw, do you know if cinch opened in tokyo just now?
thats some shitty construction, generic fabrics and terribly cut shirts. but the name is so cool. and yeah, they're comfortable.
thanks. spam problem is probably fixed now so registrations can stay open
I opened the registrations at ringxring now. Basically the problem is that its getting spammed and I dont know how to install the addons that can hinder the spambots from registering, thats why its been closed. hurry hurry
why dont u guys just wear the latest in denim, sneakers n expensive hoodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T INteresting to hear of your gradual conversion - I remember you had a downer on Cone denim, is that changing? Which years/models of denim do you prefer? One thing worth pointing out here is that while there have been some fantastically quirky products from, say, Workhouse or Real McCoy, LVC have gone to enormous amounts of trouble to reproduce obscure, funky lines like the the 333 and 200 series that must surely make...
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs HJJ- when are you going to post the Men's SS09 LVC line on your blog? maybe tonight. my ramen is taking a long time to finish though because its so hot.
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