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Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider I suspect that any man contemplating wearing tights wouldn't need to worry about such an issue. Historically, you're right; no problem. But presently? Leggings are teh ghey. And pretending you aren't able to distinguish the huge difference between "Dude, that's looks gay," and "Dude, your appearance suggests you are homosexual" is pretty disingenuous; you know exactly what such a comment means. "Ignorant?"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallen Angels EG and JW can work together, yes. but to say "this is like expensive EG" shows you clearly failed to understand either designer and their visions sigh. you have this way of stinking up every thread you post in. please stop acting like you know what you're talking about. you're plenty annoying yourself, what does it matter if he doesnt have the exact same sentiments about the collection as you...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC On another note why don't you lick my taint? I would if it wasn't so trendy.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC What aboot the sneaker tuck?? that's terrible. on another note, why don't you wear clothes instead of brands.
the biggest don't about boot tucking is DON'T do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger no... you're an annoying fuck. how do you have 2700 posts and why aren't you banned? you're wasteful eventhough you don't take up space.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yardsale I'm pretty sure most of it is just direct imported rss feeds from other taste-making sites, with some nerd vetting the shit was about to say that. how is it kanye's blog when his assistant is writing it, and whats written is merely taken from other blogs or pr stunts emailed to him?
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Those are some nice-looking army-issue shoes. They all seem to be wearing the same jeans, too-- Levis 501s, I suppose. Odd, I was under the impression that a trend-based youth culture didn't exist until sometime in the '50s. All but one of the boys are for certain not wearing Levi's, because of the felled seams. Great pics and a fun tidbit showing that trends have always been present.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoot2thrill yea, i almost missed my chance too, cause they were all sold out online by the time i decided to spend the money. then some silly guy (who must have bought them online), came and exchanged them in my store for a lesser LVC model. haha i gladly traded his levis/EG for the LVC's he wanted, and bought his old jeans for myself. i was gunna try not to wear them and maybe re-sell them after all the others sold out, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Yeah, the sleeves seem very short in the measurements for the sweat shirt. Is this just a Rickson thing? I really like my Rickson chambray, but the sleeves are about an inch too short. guessing you wear a size too small. these are 40s and earlier patterns and the proportions are not like modern shirts. the shoulder seam should not be on or above your shoulder, but should have slightly more width between them...
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