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I'm familiar with Dainite, but what is a double Dainite? Picture possible?
Thanks for all of these helpful suggestions gents. I'll do some research on all of them.
After leaving HK and not having the luxury of wearing made to measure shoes anymore, I've been searching for a decent fit in English shoes. The Herring 11028 is a last that fits me pretty well. In Church's shoes the Burwood is a good fit. Can anybody give me some other brands and lasts that may suit my narrow foot, a Loake 1880 perhaps?
Some very nice looking combinations there but the white jeans make you look a male prostitute; you need to size up a size or two.
It's nice to hear from some satisfied customers re Milan Suit shirts. I picked up my brother last night at the airport after his 9 hour flight and commented on his crisp pink oxford. It's a Milan Suit shirt he said. It's had three years wear and it's as good as the day I bought it. This was good to hear as I'd taken him to Kiet's shop. He also added that he'd never go back to Jantzen in HK (I also took him there) as there was no comparison. I suppose Jantzen has...
I second Narin Couture. As for a hotel, at $100 you have heaps of choice. I like these evn if they are a little more than $100. Ascott Silom Serviced Apartments Dusit Thani Hotel (look for a special price) Centrepoint Grande Ratchadamri (serviced apartment and it's pretty gorgeous and 6 mins walk to BTS station.
Here's something from A Suitable Wardrobe last year that will answer your questions. Mohair has been used in the West since the 16th century, when Charles V first brought angora goats to Europe. The delicacy of the species made mohair relatively rare as well as expensive and five hundred years later it is still a luxury fiber, like cashmere and silk, and considerably more expensive than most wool. It is more expensive because, young or old, those delicate...
It wasn't Esquire as I stated earlier. The all black Sebago appeared in the March GQ.
According to one of the style writers in last months Esquire, it is black Sebagos.
Thanks dbc. Shoes at $6000, $7000 or $8000 are no doubt beautiful things but I can't justify that expense. Prices at the Armoury and Tassels are out of my league. I didn't think it would be so hard to find a good looking, well made and correct fitting shoe at $3000 HK. That's a fair whack in my book. But I did receive private messages suggesting I look here for shoes at various price points in a 9E fitting, AND.......they are not Edward Greens. Thank you...
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