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My doctor (cardiologist) first had me try a dieatary approach but the results fell short so now am member of the so-called "steak and statin crowd" with lipitor. Total down, good cholesterol up. Dr is very happy with the results. I would urge to first try the dieatary approach as advocated above (i.e., with lots of research too -- if just to understand the issue better), but I wouldn't fear the drug approach if the diet doesn't work. If diet had worked for me I...
It is easy. In another thread I posted a pizza recipe including for the dough. I use the same dough For grilling, make sure the grill is real hot -- that's one of the primary benefits of grilling Make your dough, roll it out to size but keep it on the smaller side. Brush on oil to one side which will first go on grill. when you place it on grill, let it dangle a bit and let the dangling edge catch the grill farther away from you. This will temporarily stick...
i have both and am a big fan of belvest. i like isaia but when i wear it i find that i say to myself this is a nice jacket, a lot like kiton but the fabrics are less nice (though still great), and other little nits to that effect. I don't find myself saying that with belvest. to me, they are more of their own style. They're from No East Italy (I believe Verona) and the style is more Milanese, than Roman in my opinion. One caution with Belvest as I have seen and...
very much so. it has tastings for beginner through novice and serves as a great resource and it's relatively inexpensive. make sure it's the for beginners book and not one of the others.
Have you considered Andrea Immer's, Great Wines made simple? It is IMO the best way to start through novice, and I still find myself turning to her. It will help teach a very solid foundation/fundamentals. Then after that the trick is to start popping corks, paying attention, and being honest about your likes and dislikes (plus keeping an open mind)
I would strongly urge a visit to an orthopedic. I had a similar issue about a dozen years back. Was diagnosed as an inflammed bursis (sp?) sack causing the muscle to almost perpetually spasm. One cortisone shot did the trick, caused it to relax enough to heal and not spasm I had suffered for a long time prior to that and kick myself in the butt for not seeing a specialist sooner
I bought a Biella shirt/jacke thingie last year from Drinkwater's. Like it a lot. So I think they're still in business.
Both will be quiet enough. Martha's is easier to get to which may be a significant factor for a short stay
good call on the wedding attire and good call on the Macclesfield ties. I think in NE (and especially the islands) a great suit is a super idea and for some reason is just way better than a tux. Macclesfield IMO are one of those things that look better at weddings than anyplace (oro situation) else. For a wedding, I would suggest a silhoutte slightly on the slimmer side. Congrats again. Nantucket is a great place for a wedding. Have a blast
when you boil them add some vinegar
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