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Gary's summer sale officially starts the 26th but he'd probably (I believe) extend sales prices beforehand for SF members. This PSA could just as easily go in streetwear forum because he has stuff in that space. Gary is a former Louis guy with a good eye, and a well-edited selection of clothes. More important he's a real nice guy and a SF member You'll need to run some searches here to see the kinds of brands he carries or better yet give him a call.
I put them on (lightly oiled) on the hot part. They'll puff up and get grill marks. Then I lightly oil the uncooked side. Flip it. Keep it briefly on the hot part and then move to a cooler part of the grill where I add ingredients and close lid (grill will act more like an oven at this point melting ingredients and won't overcook the crust.
I went today. Was not crowded and probably well picked over but there seemed to be some interesting things (e.g., outerwear) remaining I found their spring summer stuff more inspiring than this past fall/winter (which was downright boring IMO)
She used to make some RTW. Fabrics may be same or similar but the shirt is not the same as her bespoke. She makes a trial shirt (forget what that's called) and then plays with it to get collar right, darts (she uses them) and taper (quite a bit). I don't see how that can be done without an in-person visit 350 euros was pushing it; I'm not a buyer any longer if the price escalted to 460 (unless of course dollar-euro makes a dramatic change).
I would suggest looking beyond the BTU number. Most of the high end models will have more than sufficient BTUs. I'd look to things like are all the burners full range (high-to-low) or not, how easy to clean, if using a grill which makes most sense for your intended use. I also think it's essential to go to a store where you can actually look at them in person and hopefully play with them. Some people make a distinction between a cooktop and a rangetop. Sounds...
80% lean, lots of pepper, salt and then add olive oil and work through in an attempt to coat the fibriles. The oil is the trick (Schlow burger -- chef from Radius in Boston). Don't overwork the burger formation then fried onions -- slice thin and cook in fair amount of oil until golden -- then let drain and they'll crisp up nicely mayo with horseradish and some lemon juice and the best cheddar-type cheese you can find. good rolls
anyone know when the next Louis sale is?
I would strongly recommend desert wines. A decent bar -- eg good restaraunt or hotel -- will have a decent selection. Like many women, she might like her drinks sweeter and less acoholic. I am a big fan of desert wines, personally, but not a fan of them for cocktails -- but if someone (e.g. my wife) digs them, more power to them depending where you go, consider sauternes, vin santos, ice wines
I've seen it mentioned that the Belgian designers like Dries van Noten are an expression of deconstructionism. While I don't know enough about Dries clothing to form an opinion on that particular designer I have seen clothing design elements which I think can fairly be characterized that way, e.g., exposed seams , asymmetry etc. Likewise, some designers seem more proletariat. I'd be interested to know what other philosophies and thought processes underpin the various...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey The mania for high armholes and trim sleeves is fashion. It's a feature of this decade. Fullness of the sleeves used to rank up there will roll of the lapel when men where taught how to distinguish the quality of a suit. There are good reasons to want fullness in the sleeve, so that will probably come back before too long. Unless these people are going for a chunk of the Polo market, and I don't think they are, then I...
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