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Maui Jim's
I like Lorenzini. There is a fair amount of variety on fit, but I found that to be true with Borrelli too. As an aside, years back I was talking to one of the SA at Louis Boston about this brand, and he said they used to carry them but they had a lot of problems with shrinkage, particularly around the neck. Apparently that was one of the reasons they stopped carrying them.
I think Kiehls integrates coconut oil into one of their shampoos, FWIW
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I have a Trafalgar Norwalk Collection bag. It's a great bag, but definitely on the heavy side. I have the same bag (thanks to Chorse) and agree re the weight. Very nice for travel but difficult to use on a daily basis.
that so-called Allen Edmonds model looks like EG too (made in England); perhaps the Stern?
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Red and sweet. Real port is fine, although I have had some Cabernet "Port" from Pindar in Long Island that went down just as well on a summer evening. You could even stretch to some of the freakish California cabs that are just too fruity and alcoholic to serve with real food. For that, though, you'd need to know the wine and the cake really well. Some Italian reds might work, esp with the almonds which the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Caffe Napolitano You could try Brachetto, Vin Santo , Banyuls or Tawny Port. However, I think you generally will enjoy dessert wines more with cheese or by themselves and dessert more without wine. Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I am not a believer in attempting to pair wines with foods that are not wine friendly in the least. There are a lot of things you could drink that would be great with...
Gary's summer sale officially starts the 26th but he'd probably (I believe) extend sales prices beforehand for SF members. This PSA could just as easily go in streetwear forum because he has stuff in that space. Gary is a former Louis guy with a good eye, and a well-edited selection of clothes. More important he's a real nice guy and a SF member You'll need to run some searches here to see the kinds of brands he carries or better yet give him a call.
I put them on (lightly oiled) on the hot part. They'll puff up and get grill marks. Then I lightly oil the uncooked side. Flip it. Keep it briefly on the hot part and then move to a cooler part of the grill where I add ingredients and close lid (grill will act more like an oven at this point melting ingredients and won't overcook the crust.
I went today. Was not crowded and probably well picked over but there seemed to be some interesting things (e.g., outerwear) remaining I found their spring summer stuff more inspiring than this past fall/winter (which was downright boring IMO)
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