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LA Guy said it best. Andrew, besides his informative posts, has always made himself available to answer questions via PM and never made me feel stupid -- no matter how stupid my questions were.
2 cents: I'd suggest going understated. A bespoke suit fitting a 14 drop is not the law firm image. I'g get shoulders that fit and sleeves that show cuff and make the jacket show some figure, but as I said in an understated way. Likewise pay attention to the shirt and tie - tasteful but not flashy Being a partner at one of the muckety-muck lawfirms, I look for people who have enough sense to dress well, but not too much so, at least not as a first year. The most...
I guess I've been lucky, but I'm at way less than 1% being corked, and I drink a lot of wine. I've always thought the move to screw-tops was bull, more based in greed than reality
anything touched by Thomas Kellher (sp?) or from his cookbooks, if done properly. a perfect pizza made with real water buffalo mozzarella
I agree with Iammatt. If you think you like a dry martinin, try some different vermouth. I also think there's a big difference (both for vodka and gin) whether you stir the drink versus shaking it. Shaking really does "bruise" the gin, though I have no reason why this is the case. I like putting the alcohol in a shaker (or other holder) with a lot of ice and then stirring (e.g., with a chopstick) 2 or 3 times and that's it. The less time on/with the ice, the better.
First, I think everything you say makes sense. But perhaps the wiser course is to cut some slack. No one is perfect, and it's a reflection on oneself on how you deal with less than perfect or even annoying people. If the irrational behavior becomes more frequent/habitual or your tolerance seems to encourage more nutty behvior, then I'd say it's time to move on. For now though I'd say move forward; the relationship (if that's what to call it) may become stronger as a...
who makes RLPL blazers these days?
I bought a pair as well. Ben is great and I'm sure would accept a return if you were clear in advance that you wanted to check things out. As mentioned above, they are on the trim side -- ala a lot of european fitting/styling. They have the belt loop and split back details of Incotex but I don't know enough about the brands to confirm whether that's sufficient to prove they are from Incotex. I have been very happy with my pair, and they are tremendous value at...
depending on skin complexion you might opt for a slightly lighter blue, retaining versatility but avoiding traditional blazer look (avoid shiny buttons too).
I suggest trying to find the best eyeglass shop you can afford and ask for suggestions. There are a lot of eyeglasses that look great in a case but not once they're on you, and a lot that you might pass over which actually would look great on you. A good shop will match frames to face, skin tone, eye color, personality.
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