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I think the Lorenzini fit is all over the map. I have several that are slim fitting, though I've heard others say here that they can be blousy.
adjusting sleeve length is easy for any seamstress who is half-way competent -- $10-15 I wouldn't worry about it
If they made one of these for aprotnoy, why do I get the sense it would be walk-in size; or maybe cargo container size.
Santoni's fate a mano How do I paste a picture?
I bought an identical jacket from Joe's: RLPL super 150s. (I didn't see if this was super 150) I'd do it again too. The jacket is great! (Keep in mind you'll probably need to add another 80-100 for tailoring, especially if you're getting working button holes) If you want a great, versatile blazer, I'd recommend buying it.
Just for the record, I don't want to imply that this has been a result of over-moderation or anything bad on the part of the moderators or admin. Before Aportnoy and sysdoc it was Kabbaz (sp?) and I'm sure there have been others. So something is annoying these people about the dynamic. While it might be easy (and even correct) to just write it off and say it's their problem, it might also be true that it is deserving some attention and inquiry to see if a fix in the...
Perhaps some PMs or emails or solicitations from some of the appreciated (even if not universally) members who left may be in order to get their ideas. They probably have the most meaningful input. I wasn't thinking of hefty fines and maybe it is a bad idea. But $1 in the curse bucket is a way of waking oneself up to cut down on foul language even though the $1 is rarely missed. I've heard about the time-outs. They're a great idea. My only suggestion would be to...
I'm an infrequent poster but a frequent reader. I benefit far more from reading posts from all these folks than I contribute (at least at present as I'm still a newbie in this field and really don't have much to add beyond oohs and aahs). Lately, there seems to have been a rash of bannings or self-imposed exiles. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons sound and unsound behind such. I'm also sure the transgressions cover a spectrum from the "straw that broke the...
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