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ditto. You can even get NWT for that price with some patience. Or you can get a new Isaia from Sierra Trading Post. Having said that, if you haven't worn K before, you will most likely be tremendously pleased with how comfortable the jacket is -- like wearing pajamas. I would strongly encourage going to the absolute best tailor you can for alterations if any are needed so as not to upset the jacket's balance.
The reason I raised it was to point out that Hezbollah is at fault in a big way. The finger should squarely be pointed at them because they are the ones violating the rules intended to protect civilians. Perhaps I'm wrong but I know of no rule which says that you are prohibited from attacking a combatant (Hezbollah in this case) which is violating such rules.
I just got back from Hawaii and while I was there I stopped in at Leather Soul in Waikiki. I was surprised by their large selection of Alden (dozens) and a relatively modest selection of EG (about 5 or 6 styles). Panzeraxe's comments must explain it though. Even the shell Alden's were roughly half the price of the EGs. All the Japanese customers seemed to be coveting the Aldens (much to my surprise at the time, but not now).
Don't know if this has been pointed out yet, but the Geneva Convention at least used to specify that combatants should bear their arms openly, wear distinctive uniforms and not cohabitate with civilians. These rules were intended to protect against civilian casualties.
any coupons currently working? Thanks
Most people forget that Kennedy beat Nixon by a mere 70,000 votes; if you would believe later polls, he would have won in a landslide. Somehow his death in office raised his stature. (As an aside, that 70,000 votes was far more contestable than the gap between Gore and Bush, but politicians -- even tricky dick -- were more noble back then). Also for anyone mentioning the missle crisis, I highly recommend the very short book 13 days. Re Bush, history will tell. If...
odoreater, Don't be discouraged by Incotex. They have other models (I think it's called Sartoriale) that are a more full, traditional, less European cut. They tend to cost a lot more but if you keep your eyes peeled you'll see deals on ebay and here for such. The slimmest pants I've come across are some of the European styles/models for Borrelli. They should be called "tights" or "nylons".
Thanks for the info. In the ones I bought from Yoox, the sole is even closer to the upper than those shown above. I don't see stitching but that may be because the sole is so close to the upper that it's too hard to see. Does that suggest goodyear or blake?
I'd be surprised if you need to take them in. They have a slim but not restrictive cut
is there an easy way to tell which is blake and which is goodyear? and is there a real difference between the two methods for this brand of shoe? much thanks
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