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I wouldn't worry about your matching your belt. Get the cut and color that looks best on you. Everything else will fall into place.
generally BC 50 is trim, in my experience. I have one in cotton and one in cashmere and this was true in both cases.
you can usually tell by color. XVO is green (I would not use it for cooking at all) and "regular" olive oil is yellow. Great for cooking as long as you don't use for ultra hot -- e.g., searing steaks
be careful on sizing. In my experience they runat least a half size larger than labeled
a real simple one is basic pan cooking -- olive oil and butter. Then once done make a brown butter add some sage or thyme and a little lemon juice at the end. Shave some good parmesan on the thighs and pour the brown butter over the cheese.
Maui Jim's
I like Lorenzini. There is a fair amount of variety on fit, but I found that to be true with Borrelli too. As an aside, years back I was talking to one of the SA at Louis Boston about this brand, and he said they used to carry them but they had a lot of problems with shrinkage, particularly around the neck. Apparently that was one of the reasons they stopped carrying them.
I think Kiehls integrates coconut oil into one of their shampoos, FWIW
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I have a Trafalgar Norwalk Collection bag. It's a great bag, but definitely on the heavy side. I have the same bag (thanks to Chorse) and agree re the weight. Very nice for travel but difficult to use on a daily basis.
that so-called Allen Edmonds model looks like EG too (made in England); perhaps the Stern? http://www.shoebacca.com/ralph-laure...-alm60882.html
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