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Go to Louis 1. It's an institution and the store itself is worth seeing 2. I go there often. I think they were in a rut a year or two back. They are not what they were but I think that's by design and it's fine. I think there current selection is really good. 3. If you're looking for stuff that's a little edgier than what they used to carry (e.g., Zegna Brioni) you'll find it with Marni, Dries, Barrett. If you want stuff less edgy, there's Kiton, Belvest (with...
on their loafers i run true to size; on their ankle boat shoes i had to size down a half (they are ridiculously comfortable right out of the box)
i don't think you should buy things on a stretch. you need to wear things with a certain care free attitude. if you buy things on a strech the shoes might look great, but your worrying about them wont
vaclav is a very gifted and creative writer. I love his thread with yoga and sock suspenders
I'd suggest getting an as-private-as-you-can-afford tour of the Uffizi.
I wouldn't worry about your matching your belt. Get the cut and color that looks best on you. Everything else will fall into place.
generally BC 50 is trim, in my experience. I have one in cotton and one in cashmere and this was true in both cases.
you can usually tell by color. XVO is green (I would not use it for cooking at all) and "regular" olive oil is yellow. Great for cooking as long as you don't use for ultra hot -- e.g., searing steaks
Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny OK. My meeting was shorter than I expected and I did some quick checking into the charge that Palin reduced the budget for special needs children. I googled the topic and found numerous blogs stating that she reduced the budget 62% from 2007 to 2008. A quick review of the state budgets reveals this to patently false. In 2007 the Department of Education and Early Education had a budget of $8265.3 for special...
There was a time when this wasn't a national issue and instead was a state issue. States typically have the right to decide what is criminal and what is not and at what level Last I checked, states still had the rights to decide on what infanticide means, e.g., if you stab a pregnant woman in the belly and she lives but the unborn doesn't is that a murder charge, or simply an assault on the mother? WHat about drug side-effects that don't effect the mother but only...
New Posts  All Forums: