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On the topic of Borelli and Lance's site, his Borelli sport shirts (e.g., button downs) he has on his site are nothing short of amazing. They are like wearing pajamas.
The price may be a tad high by ebay terms for this seller but I've found his service impeccable and the quality of the goods are first rate. You won't be second guessing whether something is really new, etc. Having said that, because his prices are on the high side by ebay terms I agree for his goods it's best to wait until you see a "gotta have it."
i'd consider slightly on the wider side suit lapels and more spread on shirt collars, perhaps.
not identified in title as purple label but... [/IMG]
I will second the recommendation of bespoke, especially if the fabric pattern you're conisidering is fairly classic.
I wouldn't necessarily say it equates directly with intelligence. I expect smarter people to dress better (though not all smart people dress well). I do not expect knuckleheads to dress well (though some might).
Excellent point. I don't know what/how Joe used to do it. I'll have to check into the possibilities once I get a closer look at the jacket I'm considering.
Has anyone had experience with having lapels re-sized or altered? Joe Calautti of Rizzos in Cambridge (for those who know him) told me that in the past they used to resize/trim down some wide lapels. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and would appreciate any observations or advice. Thanks
listed as an R but measurements suggest an S. I've seen much better prices too
We've been getting a lot of rain here in the North East. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
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