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whatever happened to Steven Wright?
Quick report: Kaui was like a tropical cape cod -- if that makes sense. I'd highly recommend for the active types and for those who have no problem entertaining themselves (not many clubs or restaurants of note). Oahu was more of an enigma and I woulnd't recommend it over the other islands. Kailua beach was nice, as was a beach that is known locally as turtle beach (near Sunset Beach) but which apparently has no official name. Tons of turtles all around you. You...
I like the collar too. Only problem was tie wasn't pulled up enough. I'd be real interested to know if this was RTW. If it is, the fit is all the more amazing.
For jackets of this quality I would only consider alterations from the absolute best tailors. A good tailor in fact might decline such alteration saying they might affect the balance of the jacket etc. Also at this price, even though it seems like a good deal compared to MSRP, I'd suggest making sure you absolutely love the jacket. You can walk into a Louis Boston or other high end shop and select many, many great jackets that you will love and that will fit perfecty...
Looks excellent! If the shirt doesn't feel tight -- all the better. If it feels a little tight, it could be a little wider in the shoulder and back (or perhaps different darting) and it would still look great.
Just received a shipment from the usual suspects, e.g., Louis, that is reasonably good, especially for more casual sportier pieces. Also received suits and trousers from Barbera oddly enough all priced the same even though they come from different lines of LB. They include tons of basics (i.e., no lime green trousers). they also have shoes from Louis, though again the best pieces are the sportier ones, e.g., funky pumas, beguilin (sp?)
I'd suggest contacting Ian and seeing if you can get a money back refund if you decide to return. He is reasonable and ordinarily proivdes store credit for refunds, but for a purchase of this size, if it were me, I'd want to know in advance I can get my $$ back (absent shipping costs and perhaps some nominal re-stocking fee).
There may be town or city ordinances concerning when they may begin work. However I doubt you'll get far with those unless the violations are extreme. There are also nuisance laws (people are not free to do as they please with their property as suggested by prior post) but again I doubt you'll get far with these unless you're extremely upset and willing to spend $$$ I think the wisest course is perhaps to pursue more subtle means. Is the owner of the other...
The Sutors that have Sutor Mantellasi formed/engraved into the bottom surface of the shoe have the same nail pattern as the Borrellis. The dimpling if any, I believe, is observable on the inside near the front of the shoe (not near the heel). If I'm seeing things correctly, doesn't the underside of the Borrelli in your picture say "(something I can't tell) a mano" suggesting they're handmade
Unless he's changed his policies, he's very strict on all sales being final -- though he is responsive to questions.
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