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Either for fun or shopping or whatever. It's been over 10 years since my last visit. Thanks
In line with other comments, I think the first question is what drives you to bespoke? If RTW for whatever reason never seems to fit right on you, no matter what the maker, then you'll appreciate the fit of bespoke (and probably MTM too). If RTW fits reasonably well, it's a more difficult decision. I think a huge factor will be the quality of the tailor you have access to. My own preference is to have the bespoke suit be more of the workhorse suit that I'll...
do yourself a favor and buy one of the sweaters from Lance. You won't touch a deal like that elsewhere
second the recommendation for Rizzos. Cost will be 1700-2400 depending on fabric selection. Having said that, if you can get past the price, you won't regret it. Likewise, if you don't "need" bespoke he does amazing alterations, and can make an off the rack fit perfectly. I bought a Kiton sportsjacket on ebay (thanks BostonPainter) that under other circumstances I would say either it fits perfect or I return it (i.e., no alterations other than perhaps sleeve...
almost any brown, even tan, are possible depending on other things, e.g., shade of gray, formality
On the topic of Borelli and Lance's site, his Borelli sport shirts (e.g., button downs) he has on his site are nothing short of amazing. They are like wearing pajamas.
The price may be a tad high by ebay terms for this seller but I've found his service impeccable and the quality of the goods are first rate. You won't be second guessing whether something is really new, etc. Having said that, because his prices are on the high side by ebay terms I agree for his goods it's best to wait until you see a "gotta have it."
i'd consider slightly on the wider side suit lapels and more spread on shirt collars, perhaps.
not identified in title as purple label but... [/IMG] http://cgi.ebay.com/RALPH-LAUREN-Bla...QQcmdZViewItem
I will second the recommendation of bespoke, especially if the fabric pattern you're conisidering is fairly classic.
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