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There is a wide spectrum in the pay scale and lifestyles. So a lot depends on what you want to do as a lawyer. If you are seeking the higher paying jobs in the larger firms, you'll need to consider the uncertainties with it -- i.e., partnership elevation etc. I would strongly urge trying to talk to as many lawyers as you can from whatever legal areas you are considering (e.g., hang your own shingle to large general practice firm etc.) Your prior work experience...
Some suggestions: 1. Go to the absolute best eye glass place/optician in your area and try a bunch on. The best places (at least for glasses) usually have the best help and they'll be quite good in finding things that look good on you as opposed to looking good in pictures. Skin tone, eye color and face shape are huge influences. 2. Consider buying more than one pair. I use one pair for work and another pair for weekends/play to better match your dress and needs...
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc I love Belvest suits because they have no name recognition and can be had under 800. I agree. Belvest is a great suit (or sports jacket) that never seems to get the respect it deserves. Kiton, Isaia, Zegna, Luciano Barbera are also all great at different price points etc. Of course, "best" will be seriously influenced by preference of silhouette edit: I should have included Borrelli as well. ...
I am not a shoe expert so can't get into the nitty gritty. I've seen several at Louis that looked great. I bought a pair through Yoox (they may still have some) that I am very happy with. The ones on Yoox or more agressive than the ones they used to have at Louis.
and not vertically aligned? Still for giraffes? Thanks again for the opinions.
I'd appreciate opinions. Have they had their day or are they here to stay?
Funk Master P. Smooth I hope that's a good one; how does one tell?
lance == virtualclotheshorse.com he's discostu on this forum Extremely reasonable person with great prices
Usually once or twice a year I go to Louis and pay full price for various things. I always feel like I'm being educated there and don't regret it. On the flip side -- and this is difficult to explain -- I now hate the idea of buying at Bloomingdales or the like (haven't really experienced Barneys here in Boston yet) I also pay full price (out of necessity) for various things that I feel will never show up on sale -- these are usually the tried and true basic classic...
I agree with Manton. Almost from the moment I heard this, I said we will learn that this guy is psychotic and delusional and can't distinguish reality from whatever crazy thoughts he had. I am sure there will be scientific evidence to clear this up one way or the other.
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