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Quote: Originally Posted by CoryB If I heard someone ask for scarves I wouldn't have done anything different then the sales staff. I like using old archiac terms too, but you could have been more helpful to the staff as well. If you'd ask for "neck scarves" they could have likely figured out what you wanted, or if you wanted to continue playing with old terms you could have responded "no, I don't want a 'muffler' I'd like a 'scarf.'" I think this is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara According to the pictures posted, you mean a tie. In that case, why would you feel the need to be a difficult customer and push an antiquated term on a salesperson? Of course they're going to show you a Burberry nova check or cashmere tartan when you ask for a scarf. Not everyone has the time to sit around, learn trite little synonyms and pretend they live in a bygone era. People who live in the 21st century call...
Quote: Originally Posted by Film_Noir_Buff Is that a Vass? I Keed, I keed. Oh, and design professor, stick with the darker ones for your purposes. Stick with the lace ups unless you are a professor or in design. The lighter suede shoes look better with the lighter colored suit cloths. harmonize. Unless youre looking for that effect, people staring at our shoes may not be what you want. OK, OK I just never liked the medium to light colored suede...
Here is a 9 shoe at virtual clothes horse that you'll probably either love or hate. grapevinehill was carrying brown suede shoes from polo (CJs and other levels of quality) that were worth watching too.
Blazers are great (especially if they include things with horn buttons -- not just metal). They're very versatile and essential for things like striped or slightly pattened slacks.
Couldn't agree more that leather is an excellent choice if chosen wisely. Quality and construction will vary both on the leather and the underlying furniture. Some pieces are built to essentially be disposed of once the leather wears out (i.e., not really intended to be re-upholstered); others are built to last a lifetime. Unlike fabric, leather looks and feels better with age. For a more traditional look (but not completely, e.g., includes transitional pieces) ...
It's been my (admittedly limited) experience that Lesser was more expensive
I'd also suggest considering other sources, e.g., Lesser
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan They look beautiful but I always have a hard time keepin suede clean. Do you have one of those suede brush things? I find they work extremely well. I bought mine in a shoe store (forget which and forget brand). I think the key is to just not let anything sit around on suede; you need to brush it out relatively soon -- but it takes just seconds.
Lance is extremely reasonable. You might be able to work out something with him in advance where he'll either measure the sleeves for you or perhaps refund if promptly returned. Are you looking at the Blue Truzzi with thin lime green stripes? I happen to fit RTW reasonably well (at least in select brands) but if I didn't I'd go custom. It's not too outrageous and for some makers (e.g., Jantzen though I personally have not tried him) it's completely price competitive.
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