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Pringle has them too (or at least did) and sometimes you'll see some on ebay.
Sorry to sound like a broken record on this, but if you're on the fence you should seriously check out the coats. In person, the fabrics are far nicer than the images. The silhoutte was quite nice too -- reminded me of Belvest At this price point, they're a steal.
Are they only for warmer weather? I've heard people say they get caught on sweaters (if layering); is this true? Are they by necessity less formal? Do they drape any differently? Much thanks
Iif you're considering one of these, don't hesitate. I just received some today (ahead of chorse's own promises of fast service) and I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed. If he says the fabric has a great hand etc., he's dead-on. His communication was great too.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Well, a good d'Yquem is truly better than just about anything else in life. There is a reason that it is the only Chateau with its own designation. Personally, I love the SGN Guwertz, Reislings and Pinots from ZInd-Humbrecht. I have a relative who as a result of a divorce received a fair amount of d'Yquem. She used to drink it with her friends when playing bridge. She almost died when I told her what...
If it were my favorite jacket (or a very expensive one) I would reserve it for the best of tailors. Perhaps you can run a test case on some other jacket of yours? The fact that you were considering it suggests that there's something about the shoulder fit at present is bothering you. And, if this is the case, it will be money very well spent if the job is done right. So I'd encourage getting it done from the right person whoever that is. I've had jackets tailored...
wool works depending on the type/texture, e.g., super 150s
Kahala Hilton has since changed hands once or twice, to the Mandarin and then to some more generic name which I forget (and it's not clear to me whether it's owned by the Mandarin chain but they now find it not up to snuff to carry the Mandarin tag)
for 1.8k you may want to consider bespoke since you're seeking a fairly basic fabric pattern (i.e., nothing exclusive to Brioni)
Talk to lawyers who you respect or who are in careers/contexts that you think you're interested in. Ask them about the highs and lows and what daily work is like. If you test extremely well and can get into a top 20-25 school that will be a big factor in calibrating expectations for future opportunities. If you can get into an elite school all the better. If you can't get into a top school the prospects will change probably dramatically. Feel free to pm if you...
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