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They had a few nice coats from prestigous stores too, including oddly enough some Schneider from Louis Boston (and they were selling higher than the 99) and some Barbera
Almost all are size 40; all are $99 (that's correct, not typo) Huge variety of styles and weights. Classic cuts and colors.
Regarding re-hemming, some stores will even do this with jeans so you get the hem detail of the original pants. (they cut off and re-attach the bottom of the pants).
right, cordovan is actually some membrane like material that comes from the rump I believe (not the horse hide) and is only so big in diameter (not big enough for a belt). I imagine any one piece belt is using "cordovan" to refer to the color, not the material.
I'm fairly sure that true cordovan belts have to come in pieces.
I don't think this will go out of style, especially given the button stance. I wouldn't call the 150 fabric flimsy (which at least to me sounds like implying poor construction). It's true a 150 will be somewhat delicate, but I think this is far more of an issue for suits, where the seat and knees will sure wear sooner than you'd like or expect. I have a 150 RLPL blazer that I like a lot. It's truly four season and very versatile.
1% real long term, but you can spend a generation far better or worse depending on times and where you live.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I think leaving one is fine. It may be more of a way to celebrate artisanship than showing off in my opinion. what he said. Also I think it depends on context. In a business context they must be buttoned IMO. In social context, one can be undone depending on rest of outfit.
I have an overcoat from them (via Yoox) that I like a lot. Well constructed and good materials.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling Any votes for Liz? In her case, votes are counted by 2s
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