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and not vertically aligned? Still for giraffes? Thanks again for the opinions.
I'd appreciate opinions. Have they had their day or are they here to stay?
Funk Master P. Smooth I hope that's a good one; how does one tell?
lance == he's discostu on this forum Extremely reasonable person with great prices
Usually once or twice a year I go to Louis and pay full price for various things. I always feel like I'm being educated there and don't regret it. On the flip side -- and this is difficult to explain -- I now hate the idea of buying at Bloomingdales or the like (haven't really experienced Barneys here in Boston yet) I also pay full price (out of necessity) for various things that I feel will never show up on sale -- these are usually the tried and true basic classic...
Stripes, IMO, can work as an odd jacket, but it depends. Usually, it's something about the stripe itself that says this would be great for an odd jacket but usually too much for a suit. Also you can do other tricks to make it look clearly like an odd jacket. Patch pockets maybe, or perhaps doing an uncommon color for lining. If in doubt, I'd avoid it though (excepting of course those of unlimited funds)
STP has a pretty liberal return policy so you may want to take advantage of such.
I've had many rose' that I've liked, but most white zins are cloying.
If you're talking about pant, here are generally good considerations: rooms with lots of sun benefit when panted in cooler colors; rooms with less sun benefit when panted in warmer colors. Darker or more saturated colors tend to make things seem closer which can make a room seem smaller but can be used to advantage at times (e.g., if a ceiling really is too high). Best advice: find someone who seems to put color together well and effortlessly and invite them...
Suits: Bespoke, Belvest, Luciano Barbera, Corneliani, Zegna Sport coats: Kiton, Belvest, Isaia, RLPL Shirts: Borrelli, Lorenzini, Truzzi, Brioni, Fray, Finamore Casual shirts/polos: Coast, Zegna Trousers: Incotex, Brioni, Zanella, Luciano Barbera Casual pants/jeans: Zegna, Loro Piana, Cucinelli Sweaters: Louis Boston (private label, I don't know who makes them), Isaia, Malo, Avon Celli, RLPL, Scott Hill, Brioni, Cucinelli Shoes: Sutor Mantellasi,...
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