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I think you should check them out and compare and contrast for yourself. Schneiders is an excellent coat. When you're in Boston you should swing by Louis Boston and then comment on the coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by farooqm thanks Horton, would you put it at say a Hugo Boss level? Also with the fit you said a tad long, is that in length only or also in the chest, waist? Unfamiliar with Boss outerwear. If you're familiar with Schneiders, it's like that but a smidgin roomier. I think both Schneider's and Amadeus run long in the sleeves and in the length of coat. If you're looking for trim European-style, I wouldn't look to...
fairly good but not amazing. Worth the STP price IMO In my experience Amadeus is a little boxier than Schneiders (at least the more current pieces). Amadeus is made by or a sub-entity of Schneiders for what it's worth. Both Amadeus and Schneiders can be a tad long. A size 50 (european) can be more like a 42 US
the ones I'm thinking of are Barbera from Louis Boston but I wouldn't be surprised if others have them.
I've seen them on occasion, e.g., at Louis Boston Luciano Barbera What's the purpose? Is it extra movement, pure aesthetic , fad, or what? What do people think? It makes the shoulder a little poofy but also lets the arm/shoulder seam be placed higher on the shoulder. I'd appreciate views, and thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by kali77 Damn I missed those. Great deal for someone. Looks like that someone was a valued contributor to this forum who hasn't been heard from in a while.
or Luciano Barbera
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston Can anyone tell me about these Sutors? How does their sizing run? Is the price as good as it looks? They look great. I'm very tempted. The ones from Lance (in my experience) run true to size and he's very reasonable to work with. I bought a similar pair a while back and there's a lot of detail that doesn't appear in the pixs.
These are more classic yet
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 I have heard of distressed denim, but these shoes are ridiculous. What kind of idiot would pay $400 for shoes that look like they came out of a dumpster? http://cgi.ebay.com/PRADA-Mens-Runwa...QQcmdZViewItem Last season Louis Boston was selling heavily distressed shoes. Honestly, they looked like they came out of a comic book with pieces starting to peal off, all color washed out etc. I forget the...
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