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These are an awesome boot. The pics don't do justice I bought a pair from Tom at Leather Soul when he carried them and have been very happy with them. http://www.theshoemart.com/para-boot...m_pomerol.html
I would handwash them with the cashmere soap from The Laundress. It's pricey but works great and a little goes a long way. Dry flat
the NdG and Schneiders are gone.
If anyone is interested in the gray herringbone size large please PM me. It's awesome but I have too much outerwear as it is. I also have some pieces from Schneider (not STP stuff) in size medium (peacoat wool/cashmere) and a storm coat style thing (either I'd let go for a song to anyone who needed an awesome coat)
I have this in gray herringbone but in a size large. Anyone interested?
Not sure whether I have that name right for the latter. Saw the stuff at Stel's in Boston. Seemed very impressive
I think the criticism of Louis is too harsh. They're in a transition period trying to find their voice, but they're still very good. Depends on your taste, I suspect. But if you're looking for business casual and perhaps something with some attitude (but not euro-trash) it's right at the top (still better than Barneys and other local competition). The most on-point criticism is that they are pricey I thought they were actually fairly decent this Spring and Summer...
horn buttons.
Go to Louis 1. It's an institution and the store itself is worth seeing 2. I go there often. I think they were in a rut a year or two back. They are not what they were but I think that's by design and it's fine. I think there current selection is really good. 3. If you're looking for stuff that's a little edgier than what they used to carry (e.g., Zegna Brioni) you'll find it with Marni, Dries, Barrett. If you want stuff less edgy, there's Kiton, Belvest (with...
on their loafers i run true to size; on their ankle boat shoes i had to size down a half (they are ridiculously comfortable right out of the box)
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