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I wouldn't dry clean any nice sweater. Strips the lanolin out of the wool Buy Laundress wool and cashmere soap (swear by it) and do it yourself. If you're washer has a handwash setting (newer ones do) use that, otherwise just use sink. Either case rinse after cleaning or soaking to get rid of soap Dont wring or twist them dry. Can put them in washer spin cycle if you have a laundry bag. Then dry flat I don't understand the don't use water comment but maybe...
I'd put them in the very high quality range. The one's I've tried on have been slim fitting and a slight fashion edge, e.g., shorter length when that's in, or stripes. I have only seen them with the 5+1
rizzo in harvard square. Joe Calutti is the tailor
whoops. yes obviously had wrong name
Arrabiata is wicked easy and super fast to make. Really I would suggest doing yourself. You put some extra virgin in the pan, then red pepper flake (peccorino) and then ground tomatoes (you would buy a can of this instead of a jar) and then cook medium high to high it's done at the same time as the pasta itself. it's meant to be a fresh, fast, spicy sauce and very much comfort food (no doubt because there's a fair amount of olive oil) You serve with whole...
I have one and they are very well made and comfortable. If you like the style I would recommend them
who carries Junya in the States?
These are an awesome boot. The pics don't do justice I bought a pair from Tom at Leather Soul when he carried them and have been very happy with them. http://www.theshoemart.com/para-boot...m_pomerol.html
I would handwash them with the cashmere soap from The Laundress. It's pricey but works great and a little goes a long way. Dry flat
the NdG and Schneiders are gone.
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