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Has anyone else been there? No more Kiton or Brioni. Much more affordable and they're touting their lower prices. I'd be surprised if they have anything for over 2k now. I know they get a lot of heat here, but I think a lot of it is undeserved. I think their new lines are much more in keeping with modern business casual. I actually liked a lot of what I saw.
+ 1 to communicate: honestly it will mean a lot to them by your just opening up re the practicalities: if you were a parent wouldn't you want your kid to be happier; plus you'll be more likely to help them if you find a career you'll be happy with and thrive.
Tom at Leather Soul used to carry these without the speed hook I agree with the speed hook comment. I have boots from Carmina, and the hooks sometimes catch the inside of your trousers
See if you can find pork chop recipe from Jasper White. He used to have a dish with porkchops and clams that needed porkbroth and was excellent
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I now understand the financial crisis. hilarious
+1 Jacket has some (but not too much) attitude Looks like an amazing deal.
I've used the Keller method many times and it's worked well. Are you giving them plenty of time to rest?
i am fairly sure that Filenes Basement no longer gets LB as of about a year ago
i've just layed sweaters flat on a towel
all kidding aside, it's still one of the best if not the best men's stores. They've had some serious challenges as people stopped wearing suits, and then stopped wearing sportsjackets While they're definitely carrying stuff you can get elsewhere (e.g., Harrys of London) there are still very many things that look great and you simply won't find anyplace else (at least not in Boston and probably in the US).
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