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Vinny the Tailor
or for the sake of balance, the huge discrepency in fouls. LA legitimately earner more trips to the stripe but ther disparity was ridiculous. You also have Gasol's clear up and down, or travel with a non-call at a key point in game. Agree with earlier comments. Officiating stunk
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Oh, and I bought some lengths of chain. 2 ~10lb 8ft lengths. That was the heaviest chain I saw at Home Depot. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with them yet, but I put one on for pull ups today. Attached it around my waist with a simple "S" link. I am hoping that weighted pulls ups, chin ups, push ups, and inverted rows will boost my bench and overhead press. I'm not sure how to attach a chain for push ups...
Priorot (nuf said)
what complaints have you had with the quality? I've been pretty happy with them (though they are pricey)
Depends on the piece. Their shirts are from china but much of the other is still Japan, e.g., their shirt jacket is made in Japan and I believe all outerwear is. Also the stuff from China is supposedly from Japanese factories. No idea what that means but what I've heard.... Does Barney's still carry? I suspec that people may be dropping them because the prices were getting crazy.
Vinny the tailor is good (on Milk Street). He is from Naples. I'd use him for anything you want slimmed (he used to do bespoke but no longer) Rizzos is also good. His style is more Milanese.
+1 to celticgent i think a bottle a night is a problem and would urge you to cut back i used to drink wine with dinner every night (e.g., half a bottle) plus often have pre- or post-dinner cocktail. now i might have one drink. period. and most nights none. I actually enjoy it more, and getting rid of all those empty calories helps in a lot of ways, including skin firmness etc.
I have a pair too and like them. Mine do not have thick soles and are more of a lightweight derby (very good for spring and summer) I don't have wide experience with them but they remind me of Bonora
Wow. All I can say is that a lot of people seemed to have the opposite experience of what I had -- either that or they are super grumpy. Over the years I worked with Paul, then Bob, now Nick and have been very happy with the service and help. I'm not a super frequent customer -- typically 3 or 4 visits a year -- and they remember what I bought and typically know what I might like in the current selection. The current space is funkier than the pictures and the...
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