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+1 on Stels especially for service. I know next to nothing about denim but felt well taken care of (and not advantage of) there. I think the person above may be thinking of Jon but everyone there seemed nice and helpful Riccardis (I think that's up the street) was also helpful (for my daughter) and they seemed to have a lot of selection but different than Stels.
check out leathersoul
bump any watch-savvy types have recommendations? thanks
Do any Boston area watch types have any recommendations of where to go now to bring in watches for maintenance, etc.? Thanks
sweaters under suits are fine if the suit itself is somewhat more casual. thosse pants have to hurt
they at least had Barrett shoes at ridiculous low prices on the latest markdown
while bespoke is supposed to be about getting a thing exactly as you want don't make the error of thinking that every (or even any) tailor can accomodate. Try to get a sense of the tailor's style or sweet spot by looking at his work and I'd suggest don't deviate too much from that. I'd also suggest going into the meeting with at least a rough sense of what you're looking for but talk to him about it and be open-minded. If he's any good he might have much better ideas...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I think you are mistaking me for somone else. maybe i thought you were the guy who benches over 300 lbs and it shows in ill fitting jackets. sorry if i confused you with another
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz And that would be true for custom, hand-stitched shirst as well like; oh, I don't know Borrelli? P.S. I don't have fav. designer , but I admit to getting sometimes inspired by some particular piece of designer clothing. Most people who are practicing bespoke route have taste and understand quality, but lack in personal style. Thus they often present a very well constructed and most comfortable garment that has no...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Two thoughts: 1. If the owner likes it, that is really the point. Even if I (we) do not. 2. Pictures are static, a well fit suit looks better in motion and we are moving most of the time. these are excellent points. also, with bespoke, the owner should be getting exactly what he wants which often translates to the owner wearing it with more confidence which in turn makes him look better.
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