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If you have a clear idea of what you want I can't imagine why you would need an architect or a contractor. I'd recommend an interior designer. At least in my experience they add a lot of value. For example, they'll help you decide whether a full wall really makes sense for your space (your room will feel like a library afterwards) or whether half walls and other nooks and crannies might be a better fit. There are various finish carpenters who usually aren't tough...
agree with the above poster but will add that the short and fat ones can be a bitch to pour from. I use the short fat ones for bigger wines that need more air to breath and less fat at other times because they're easier to use. again I agree with above poster in that there's no need to splurge on a decanter. better to spend the $$ on glasses or better still the wine itself
i paid full retail for these at about $400 (not from Orvis) with no complaints, not saying I wouldn't prefer to pay these ridiculous prices
Where is the Newton FB? I miss the mother ship. It used to be a good excuse for a walk if nothing else.
there's a school of thought that says the colors should somewhat comport with the seasons, e.g., autumn colors, spring colors, etc. there's another school of thoght that says you should also consider the color contrast in your clothing based on hair and skin, e.g., white guys with blonde hair should have less contrast or they get washed out. My own view is to not consider the rules so much and just go by your own judgment and that of those you trust (or want to...
Anna has an amazing collection of fabrics all top notch. You need not worry about finding fabrics you like pretty much whatever your taste I think she tends to like collars that sit high. Another tailor told me that (a) many more shirts in yesteryear used to have collars that were slightly taller than today and (b) it tends to let the collar sit nicer if unbottoned. The latter makes sense to me as the collar can be a little more vertical and less prone to that fly...
Have you considered just staying in Capri and taking the boat (fairly quick)
prices don't suck
Chorse, those are the travel jacket models from last year at least. Louis Boston is selling this year's models for 1500+ They are very, very nice. The pics from Yoox are horrible When worn properly there's a natural lapel roll which looks great but isn't in the pics
they're probably not purple and instead a dark brown with some funky lighting; ask the seller, though. they're perfectly fine for suits, though I agree with earlier posters that they're a bit on the casual side and not for the more formal situations. In fact, for less formal occasions they'll make you look that much better.
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