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PSA: Yoox is now selling for about a 1/3 of the retail price http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/FAY/ts...s/searchResult Here is the vogue article with the exact coat http://www.mensvogue.com/clothing/ar...7/09/fay_coats
That's a difficult price range. I like Belvest; though it will likely be above that range, it will be less than the Kiton's, Borrelli's and Isaias. It's a different cut, but still very soft construction etc. STP carries both Isaia and Belvest in that range but the stylings can be very hit or miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Speaking of Anna's shirts, I understand much better now why you prefer Rubinacci's softer, lighter ties. Her collars really demand them. The Marinella tie is the weakest component of this outfit, if you ask me. I love the pattern and color of it, but it's too stiff and bulky, which makes it difficult to get the collar to sit right. Oh well, lesson learned. You may want to consider one of Anna's ties. ...
Re darts, all my AM shirts have them and I think as stated above they are to keep the lower back trim without affecting the fit of the upper back or lats/sides I can not visualize how you can get the same fit by just tacking it in from the sides.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ed355 Does anyone have this Luciano Barbera jacket (or something similar)? I want to know if it unbuttons to a notch lapel jacket or if one is supposed to wear it like the photo. Thanks. http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/LUCIAN...s/searchResult I have the coat like that in wool. The coat should not normally have the top button done (as in the pic). It has something like a lapel roll and the back of the collar...
I'll have to try one out some time. I think it might be kinda cool cashmere sweaters may be worn over t-shirts; and at least I know how to wash and handle those.
i considered a bunch of winter shirting material samples recently from AnnaM; many were cashmere blends. As samples they all seemed fantastic and were very tempting I eventually wussed out because I couldn't quite get my brain around how to care for them: e.g., ironing them (which was recommended) seemed wrong (like ironing a sweater), not ironing seemed wrong, dry cleaning after each wear seemed worse. Who knows I might get one eventually -- just to mix things up...
I personally think you can learn some aspects of taste, and that some people pick this up faster than others. i also believe some people are gifted in this area -- the real vanguards
I've relied on good local salespeople to help select age appropriate looks that I like. Much to my surprise I've been able to find pieces from APC, Nom de Guerre, SSV that look great (for weekends, not work). Prior to their help, I would have thought that those brands were purely limited to a much younger clientele (there are some obvious pieces where they are). Bottom line: much like dress clothing it makes sense to find some someone good to help you discover...
It's amazing to me that so much Napoli styling is slim fit; yet they make (and I presume actually eat) fried pizza!
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