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very good condition. Would prefer to trade for a large but would also be willing to sell This thread has a good picture of it: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...guerre+sweater
didn't iammat originate this idea long before mafoofan with his one sock concept? And Ivan Boesky before that with his 10 black suits or whatever?
ajmanouk APCs or Naked and Famous are good starting points (tons of others). I'd suggest getting first pair from a decent store with good staff so they can help choose a good cut for you, sizing down etc. If you say where you live I'm sure there will be a lot of suggestions for helpful places
not an expert but in case this helps. i have a model from 08 in size 4. I normally wear a medium, once in a while a large in most stuff. 4 fits snug in arms, shoulders and chest but the way it's supposed to. (it's raglan sleeve)
I heard the rumor that they may be closing from one of their stockists who mentioned that NdG cancelled/didn't fulfill orders this season and that the designers may be going separate ways. the cardigan is I believe being sold by Tres Bien at way cheaper than it sold for last year
if you really love it and will wear the hell out of it then it will be worth it. Yes, it would be great if it were on sale, but often sales are too late (i.e., you miss key time) or they're on sale for a reason (i.e., doesn't fit quite right, or some other issue). Many SFers distort the process with too much emphasis on sales or illusory bargains.
solid gold jet ski
Vinny the Tailor
or for the sake of balance, the huge discrepency in fouls. LA legitimately earner more trips to the stripe but ther disparity was ridiculous. You also have Gasol's clear up and down, or travel with a non-call at a key point in game. Agree with earlier comments. Officiating stunk
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Oh, and I bought some lengths of chain. 2 ~10lb 8ft lengths. That was the heaviest chain I saw at Home Depot. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with them yet, but I put one on for pull ups today. Attached it around my waist with a simple "S" link. I am hoping that weighted pulls ups, chin ups, push ups, and inverted rows will boost my bench and overhead press. I'm not sure how to attach a chain for push ups...
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