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Raw edge. Great shape only worn once or twice Buyer pays shipping
Very interesting texture. Loose weave and great for warmer weather Last picture intended to show Mohawk-like detail of hood and shoulders. Buyer pays shipping
Maurizio Amadei. This is linen or flax or something like that. Sorry I threw away the tag. Great for warmer weather Buyer pays shipping
Caveat those look great. Keep
sorry if this has been addressed before (just getting back to SForum after a loooong break) and i couldn't read through the whole thread I have been deadlifting for a long time. To improve form, I'd suggest taking videos and showing them to a coach if you have one (there are some decent internet coaches who do this) or at least looking at it yourself. Leverage is key. You want to stay behind the bar, not over it. A little bit of an exaggeration but one way to think of...
all in great shape; downsizing and figured i'd ask if anyone wants these before chucking them
For those of you interested in Backlash, Alan Bilzerian in Boston has like 3 or 4 models on sale. They are really, really nice but some of the models have ridiculously high armholes. i should add it's an amazing place to shop for leather generally. unbelievable pieces only a small portion of which are on their website
Quote: Originally Posted by marg looking down makes it much more likely for a beginner to round the back. i don't mean look straight up, but look up at a 45 degree angle. i'm not familiar with starting strength, but it looks like a legit book. i learned to lift from a competitive powerlifter and former mr. universe competitors. i'm not saying that validates my advice because many competitors are just genetic freaks that know very little. i only mention...
The Greens Cookbook is awesome (Deborah Madison) It's more of an haute cuisine version of vegetarian -- not granola It's great for serious cooks
there's a trade pending.
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