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Can any Alden expert out there tell me which last the model 40721c is? Thanks....
Those are Kiwis, son. Trace your foot, send it in. Awesome custom fitted sandals and fast too....
Kiwi Sandals. Awesome.
Hey Tom, do you no longer send email notification of your pre orders? I used to get emails but not for a while. Missed out on some of your great makeups..... (wide foot)
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL More narrow than the Barrie. I thought that the Grant last fit similar to the Aberdeen, no? Those captoes are beauts....
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Looking for a light jacket that has a hood for the rain. Not too technical looking but not too flimsy and unstructured. Basically if you were travelling to a not that cold place (GREECE) the one jacket you would take out for those slightly chilly nights or the occasional rainy day. This exactly sums up what I'm looking for myself.... I really like the look of Barbour stuff but it is really too warm and...
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora For those with wider feet, tbs got leydon last lined chukkas and #8 cordovan longwings in E width, but looks like they're only carrying whole sizes.. and the site is down right now. What is "tbs?"
Sherman Brothers often has a discount code which is good for Aldens. They're nice to deal with too!
Quote: Originally Posted by mechanical pencil Russell Moccasin Cavaliers in french veal. Now selling: http://shop.ebay.com/calaudiopile/m....&_trksid=p3686
Quote: Originally Posted by Wally if you get the double soles how stiff are they? I'm looking for something that can give a barefoot like experience but not be ugly as hell Not stiff at all.
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