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Hey all, I'm looking for a good luggage repair place here in LA. I need to get a new handle put on a guitar case... Thanks!
I've got a pair up on the bay right now. New with tags...
Hope this is the right place for this.... I'm looking for a good place to get some T shirts made here in LA. Preferably a place that offers some "design services" ie scanning and layout and screen burning. Also someone with access to AA T's at wholesale... Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
Hey all, I'm looking for a good place in LA to get some shirts slimmed down. Any tips? thanky
Yeah, they do not return calls or emails in my experience. You just have to keep calling and hope to get someone on the phone. One lady is very nice and knows nothing. The other lady (boss lady?) can answer questions, etc. I too ordered a pair of boat shoes back in January and they arrived in late March. Beautiful shoes but too small, damn! Returned them for an exchange and could never get any response to emails or messages left with lady #1 until I canceled the...
Hey All, I've got a pair of cigar shell chukkas on the bay right now.... Great shoes!
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