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Greetings, Alden gurus! I'm looking for a particular Alden make-up and I'm wondering if any of you could tell me me if it exists and if so, where to find it... Trying to find a captoe boot in black calf with Commando sole built on the Grant or Aberdeen last. Anyone come across this stealth beast in their travels? Best, mp
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold Sherman Brothers just got in both snuff and brown suede. Don't see these on their site. In store only?
South Willard=Kiwi... (oops, blown!) Quality=amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Sorry I didn't see your post. Here's the truth. It's because from a business standpoint it makes sense to only order Ds. I know it's frustrating. I take an E or EE and sometimes I open a box of new shoes and I'm like, "DAMN, why didn't I order an E for myself?!?!" If you contact us and the timing is right we'd be happy to add your size to our order. As we grow though it gets harder and harder to accommodate. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Why don't you make any of the cool special models in an E width? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by steve2318 Looking for a boot for the winter weather that will be pretty versatile and go with Denim, Cords, and some wool pants. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Been looking at the Cap Toe with the Commando Sole in Dark Tan from the Shoe Mart. Let me know what you guys think. FYI, these are made on the Hampton last, not...
Those 2-tones are just incredible. How much? I think you might be my size!
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Actually, yes. Are you really interested? Seriously, me too! (9E Barrie) The selection of E width Aldens is pretty limited out in the wild. I'm surprised you 2 wide footed retailers don't stock limited runs for your kind!
I sure will miss their ads...
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