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As does Crockett & Jones. Personally, I don't consider two different sizes to be a bespoke request as you're just asking them to produce two shoes on standard lasts, only two different sized lasts. It's no extra work for them whatsoever. If that is not possible, I'm afraid no Corthay for me...
Anyone have the answer to the question above? Thanks a bunch!
Follow-up question: I went to the only Dutch store that sells Corthay to order a pair of Wilfrids. Sadly, they didn't have any pairs in my size to try on, so I didn't end up ordering any. They also informed me that Corthay was unwilling to accommodate requests for two different-sized shoes. Now, I find it difficult to believe that you couldn't get two different sizes from Corthay when ordering MTO, but before I plan a trip to Paris to visit Corthay I'm curious to know...
Thank you! They're probably similarly priced as you say, Texasmade, but has anyone received a quote on Wilfrid in calf and suede, perhaps?
Thinking of ordering a pair of Wilfrid in calf and suede. Has anyone received a recent quote from Corthay directly on Wilfrids? I received a quote of EUR 1100 (~ USD 1400) from the only shop that sells Corthay here in The Netherlands. That was with trees included. Thanks!
Thanks, I figured as much. I'll try to post some pictures over the weekend as I currently don't have any pictures of the backs of my suits available.That works. I have one tweed SC, and that one doesn't suffer from this issue. However, the office space is far too warm to wear cloth like that all day round so I don't think that would work for suits.
Reviving this thread to ask a question:I'm pretty happy with my last few MTM suits (financially not really ready to go bespoke, yet), however this roll remains an issue that I have not yet fully tackled. My shoulder blades are so prominent they're like two mountains on my back. How can I instruct my MTM salesman to properly correct for this?
Could you explain a bit? I would think that with linen's propensity to stretch more than cotton during ear, you would either stick to the same measurements or opt for a more fitted shirt? Or is this because linen will shrink more in the washer?Thanks.
Maybe you got quoted prices for shell cordovan shoes? I was just checking out their (Carmina's) website which state prices of 510-575 EUR for all shell cordovan and 310-340 for calfskin.
I work in finance in The Netherlands but my work environment isn't city-like formal. Suits with tie optional during the week where the tie is only obligatory when meeting with clients. Fridays are a free-for-all with people wearing anything from jeans and pullovers to suits and ties. I usually walk around in trousers, shirt, tie during the week and trousers and sportscoat with tie optional on Fridays.
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