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Got mine in 5 weeks roughly. Brand New shoes as stated. Smooth transaction, would buy again from the seller if I had the money for another pair.
No idea, I was referred to them by Valbergs, and Holland tailors. Both said HK tailors is one of the few that do invisible mending.
I'm good for a meetup too, i work downtown so anywhere down there on a weekday after work is fine.
There is a place on 124st and about 104 ave. It is called hongkong tailors. Its pretty expensive though, they wanted 130 bux to fix a hole in my suit pant on the seat the size of a toonie. I declined so I don't know the quality of their work. As far as I know they are one of the only places in the city that has the machine that does invisible mending.
Holt was doing a MTM suit sale last week on their "in house" brand. Really it's just a Copply MTM with Holt tags. I picked one up, turnaround is not bad 2-3 weeks. I usually get my suits and shirts through Maxwells when they are here a couple times a year. Quality is decent for price, just wanted to try something new. Based on my experience with the guy at Holt I'm expecting a better product, that and the suit is almost twice the price. Anyone else have experience with...
Is this thread dead? Funny, I've been on this forum for years and just came across it.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong huge second on this one. i have the winter hoodie and its SUPER warm and the best quality hoodie ive ever had. my girlfriend liked it so much she stole it for months and ive only just gotten it back I have a Reigning Champ hoodie and the Nike x loopwheeler hoodie. Both are great but I prefer the Loopwheeler. The reigning champ fleece is like a traditional fluffy fleace, the loopwheeler is kinda woven,...
We got pebble sized hail down in st kilda. The rain was heavy but it didn't seem as bad here as it did on some of the news footage. I heard a portion of the roof at southern cross station fell onto platform 2 because of the weight of the rain.
Hey I was wandering the DFO in southbank and crazy enough at the Nike store they had some loopwheeler stuff in there at really good prices. I picked up a navy blue zip hoodie for $120 AUS. As for colors they had grey, purple and navy in various sizes. They also had the half zip in purple and maybe white, the price for those were $135 ish I think. As for the T's they had some athletics west stuff for $90 a shirt. A bit much for the T's IMO. Anyways I think in melbourne...
40 degrees is pretty good considering where im coming from. We still have snow on the ground.
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