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Do we have to add funds before you will check if the item is available? @zenmarket
I'm delighted to see the Casual thread getting the kind of discussions you usually only see in the CM thread! Carry on!!
Killing it casual and formal! Is that DDugouff?
Very nice! What's the colllar on the Boss shirt, BD or just some kind of long roll? I'm not sure about the color on the PS but overall excellent. @chocsosa
That Monitaly Parka is one of my top 3 "gotta move from Florida" items on NMWA.
Both very nice fits! I would vote for the brown leather...
Interesting. Perfectly understandable. I always assumed that the shoes I get in stooge have been tried on at some point but, of course if they were creased I wouldn't pay for them.
I try them on on carpet and I wouldn't think that would in any way make them "worn." Perhaps an affiliate could chime in?
Happy New Year, Greg, Kyle and the whole No Man Fam!
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